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Normal Throws
PAC-MAN Attack (near opponent)OR+L
Pac-Throw (near opponent)+L
Special Moves
Pac-Dash +(hold to change effect, to cancel) EX
Hip Attack (in air)+ EX
Flip Kick + EX
Pac-Dot Attack + EXSC
Super Arts
Pac-Laser +


The EX Pac-Dash attack can withstand one attack from your opponent. If you strike your opponent without holding the button, you can follow up with a light attack and connect to a Boost Combo!


Normal Throws
Slapstick Swing (near opponent)OR+L
Low Slapstick Swing (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Collarbone Breaker +M
Solar Plexus Strike +H
Special Moves
Shoryuken + EX
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku + EX
Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (in air)+ EX
Joudan Sokutogeri + EX
Hadoken + EXSC
Super Arts
Shinku Hadoken +


Execute Toro's Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku from a forward jump and you'll fly straight into the enemy. Use it to close in, and then follow up with a Shinku Hadoken for a combo!


Normal Throws
Bat Swing (near opponent)OR+L
Low Bat Swing (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Flash Punch Combo LLM
Agony Spear LLM
Left Right Combo LM
Demon Slayer LMM
Twin Fang Stature Smash LMM
Twin Fang Double Kick LMML
Right Splits Kick +M
Oni Front Kick +H
Demon's Wrath +LLML
Reign of Terror +LLML
Rampaging Demon +MML
Special Moves
Mist Step
Rising Uppercut (during Mist Step)MORH EX
Dragon Uppercut (during Mist Step)L
Dragon Uppercut to Middle Kick (during Dragon Uppercut)
Dragon Uppercut to Spinning Low Kick (during Dragon Uppercut)+
Spinning Demon (during Mist Step) EX
Spinning Demon→Spinning Demon (during Mist Step)
Spinning Demon→Spinning Demon Hook (during Mist Step)
Rising Sun + EX
Rising Sun→Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kick (during HOREX Rising Sun)
Rising Sun→Sweep (during EX Rising Sun)+
Slaughter Hook +L(press L and M simultaneously when you have Cross Gauge for EX) EX
Slaughter High Kick +M(press M and H simultaneously when you have Cross Gauge for EX) EX
Devastator +H(press L and H simultaneously when you have Cross Gauge for EX) EX
Demon God Fist + EXSC
Super Arts
Devil Beam +


The Left Right Combo cannot be countered even if you perform it to the second level. Once the second blow connects, follow up with a Boost Combo!


Normal Throws
Psychokinesis (near opponent)OR+L
Amp Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Roll Attack +H
Sliding +M
Sliding Combo +MH
Special Moves
Amp Combo + EX
Amp Combo→Follow up (during Amp Combo)(can be performed two times)
Thunder Drop + EX
Shock Grenade + EX
Lightning Hook + EX
Shock Wave + EXSC
Super Arts
Ionic Vortex +


If Cole's Amp Combo connects through the final heavy stage, your opponent will be ground-bounced. Follow up with a light crouching attack and perform a combo!

Character Commands
Street Fighter

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