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Normal Throws
Double Face Kick (near opponent)OR+L
Skull Smash (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Flash Punch Combo LLM
Agony Spear LLM
Left Right Combo LM
Demon Slayer LMM
Twin Fang Stature Smash LMM
Twin Fang Double Kick LMML
Left Splits Kick +L
Right Splits Kick +M
Oni Front Kick +H
Demon's Wrath +LLML
Reign of Terror +LLML
Rampaging Demon +MML
Special Moves
Mist Step
Rising Uppercut (during Mist Step)MORH EX
Dragon Uppercut (during Mist Step)L
Dragon Uppercut to Middle Kick (during Dragon Uppercut)
Dragon Uppercut to Spinning Low Kick (during Dragon Uppercut)+
Spinning Demon (during Mist Step) EX
Spinning Demon→Spinning Demon (during Mist Step)
Spinning Demon→Spinning Demon Hook (during Mist Step)
Rising Sun + EX
Rising Sun→Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kick (during HOREX Rising Sun)
Rising Sun→Sweep (during EX Rising Sun) +
Slaughter Hook +L(press L and M simultaneously when you have Cross Gauge for EX) EX
Slaughter High Kick +M(press M and H simultaneously when you have Cross Gauge for EX) EX
Devastator +H(press L and H simultaneously when you have Cross Gauge for EX) EX
Demon God Fist + EXSC
Super Arts
Devil Beam +


Enter +M or H to launch the fastest Rising Uppercut! It's not an easy move to pull off, but mastering it will make you extremely dangerous! The trick is to hit M or H right when you press !


Normal Throws
Arm Grab Flip (near opponent)OR+L
Over the Back Toss (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Ivory Cutter LM
Left Right Combo LM
Left Right Combo to Spider Knee LML
Bermuda Triangle LMM
Biting Snake LMLM
High to Spin Low Kick ML
Blonde to Uppercut MLM
Blonde to High Kick MLM(possible to cancel during Rolling Dash)
Flash Kicks +LLLM(press M to transition to a fourth hit)
Creeping Snake to Left Low Uppercut +LM+LM
Creeping Snake to Left Low High Kick +LM+LM(possible to cancel during Rolling Dash)
Special Moves
Skull Splitter + EX
Geyser Cannon + EX
Rolling Dash + EX
Backhand Slap (during Rolling Dash)
Arm Break (during Backhand Slap)
Double Arm Break (during Arm Break)
Blonde Bomb + EXSC
Super Arts
Double Explosion +


Time Nina's Backhand Slap perfectly by pressing the punch button just when the white shockwave appears to move into an Arm Break. When the Arm Break connects and Nina's face is looking straight ahead, press to move into a Double Arm Break!


Normal Throws
Cloud Taste (near opponent)OR+L
White Mountain (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Demon Slayer +L
Tsuwabuki +M
Thunder Fall Kick +H
Dragon Wheel Kick +L
Dragon Wheel Kick→Demon Slayer +L+L
Dragon Wheel Kick→Leg Cutter +L+H
Jab Uppercut ML
Jab Low Kick ML
Hyakujitsuko M+M
Lunging Mist Thrust +M
Whiplash to Toe Kick +MM
Whiplash Sacred Blade +MM
Heron Dance +MM
Heron Dance→Whiplash Sacred Blade +M+M
Leg Cutter +H
Leg Cutter→Kariashi Shiranui +HH
Leg Cutter 2nd Hit +H+H
Leg Cutter 2nd Hit→Kariashi Shiranui +H+HH
Leg Cutter 3rd Hit +H+H+H
Leg Cutter 3rd Hit→Kariashi Shiranui +H+H+HH
Special Moves
Exorcisor + EX
Exorcisor→Mist Palm Thrust +
Exorcisor→Mist Palm Thrust→Raging Storm ++
Double Lift Kicks + EX
Attack Reversal +(only against certain attacks) EX
Falling Rain + EX
Sweep Throw + EX
Onikubigari + EXSC
Super Arts
Kishin Enbu +


Asuka's EX Double Lift Kicks are invincible; use them when you're being pressed by your opponent. If the attack lands, follow up with Dragon Wheel Kick -> Demon Slayer!


Normal Throws
Kiss of Devotion (near opponent)OR+L
Femme Fatale (near opponent)+L
Fortissimo (in air near opponent)L
Unique Attacks
Submissive Heel +H
Peacock Kick +M
Peacock Waltz +MH
Peacock Jive +MMH
Dominating Heel +LL
Heavy Languish +M+H
Heavy Languish Beat +M+HH
Left Right Combo L+M
Left Right Back Strike L+M+L
Bed Time L+MM
Andante +H
Sforzando (in air) MH
Saisaris (in air) LM
Special Moves
Angel Knee + EX
Angel Knee Ascension (during EX Angel Knee)
Sunflower Lance +(can be performed two times) EX
Divine Step (during forward jump)+(EX version can be done with any jump) EX
Air Spine Shot (in air)+ EX
Attack Reversal +(only against certain attacks) EX
Feisty Rabbit + EX
Rabbit's Foot (during Feisty Rabbit)L
Cloisonne (during Feisty Rabbit)M
Rabbit Thorn (during Feisty Rabbit)H
Dendrobium + EXSC
Super Arts
Wind Up Spear +


You can launch EX Divine Step from a backwards jump, so try using it to draw a projectile attack from your opponent. Also, aim at your opponent's legs with the Air Spine Shot and connect to a Boost Combo!


Normal Throws
Neck Breaker (nearopponent)OR+L
Broken Toy (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Flash Punch Combo LLM
Left Right Combo L+M
Demon Slayer L+MM
Demon Kicker L+MM
Tatarigoroshi +M
Lightning Crush +L
Chrome Dome +LM
Hammer Punch +L
Eisho Mon +M
Jichinsai +L
Double Palm Strike +LL
Muso Tettsui +LM
Muso Kageki +LH
Special Moves
Rising Uppercut + EX
Dragon Uppercut + EX
Dragon Uppercut followup (if Dragon Uppercut hitsORis blocked)
Heaven's Wrath +(only against certain attacks) EX
Hell Axle + EX
Demon Breath + EX
Raijin Stance + EXSC
Super Arts
Raijin's Wrath +


Heihachi is great for taking down opponent blocks with the long-reaching lower attack Eisho Mon and the middle-level attack Hammer Punch. Either one can be chained with a Boost Combo if it connects. Practice this sequence for maximum damage output.


Normal Throws
Bear Hug (near opponent)OR+L
Bear Slam (near opponent)+L
Swing Swung (during Hunting Stance, near opponent)L
Unique Attacks
Left Right Bear Claw L+M
Double Wild Slap HM
Jab Elbow Smash MMH
Jab Elbow Stomp MML
Triple Hammer +HHH
G-Clef Cannon +LMH
Bear Smash +H
Big Tree (during Hunting Stance)+M
Grizzly Fling (during Hunting Stance)+H
Hunting Spear (during Hunting Stance)+M
Break'n (during Hunting Stance)+H
Feral Crouch (during Hunting Stance)+
Stance Change
Special Moves
Rock 'n Roll Circus + EX
Megaton Claw + EX
Megaton Claw→Grizzly Claws +L
Megaton Claw→Grizzly Claw Smash +MORH
Headbutt (near opponent) + EX
Rolling Bear (far from opponent)+ EX
Rolling Bear Headbutt (during Rolling Bear)
Frolicking Bear + EXSC
Super Arts
Fatal Wind +


Kuma's EX Frolicking Bear is invincible, plus it wall-bounces your opponent. Kuma deals heavy damage, so he can always come back even when he's cornered!


Normal Throws
Push Away (near opponent)OR+L
Foot Launch (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Hammer of the Gods +M
Hammer Punch +H
Hang Over +H+H
Bone Breaker +H
Demolition Man (during Bone BreakerORHang Over on hitORblock)
Special Moves
Mountain Raze + EX
Shredder + EX
Sway + EX
Mortar Punch + EX
Phoenix Smasher + EXSC
Super Arts
Burning Fist +


Paul's Demolition Man will not connect after a Bone Breaker in the middle of the screen, but execute the moves while your opponent is backed into a corner to create a combo. Launch attacks on your opponent once you've knocked them into the air with Demolition Man!


Normal Throws
Dragon's Fire (near opponent)OR+L
Run Up to Drop (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Shin Crusher +L
Slide Kick +M
Dragon's Tail +M
Dragon Hammer +M
Machine Gun Arrow LLLLLL
Left Right Combo L+M
Left Right Dragon Fist Combo L+M+MM
Left Right Blazing Fist Combo L+M+ML
Left Right to Knee L+ML
Junkyard Kick +MLM
Dragon Rush Combo +ML+M
Knuckle Rush +MM
Special Moves
Somersault Kick + EX
Backflipper (during Somersault Kick)+
Dragon Charge + EX
Cloud Gates (during Dragon Charge)+
Dragon's Flight (during Dragon Charge)
Dragon Knuckle (during Dragon Charge)
Dragon Knuckle Combo (during Dragon Knuckle)
Dragon Knuckle Flight (during Dragon Knuckle)
Fury Fist Rush + EX
Shaolin Spin Kicks + EXSC
Super Arts
Junkyard Soul +


The EX Dragon Charge can withstand a hit from the enemy. If it connects, chain on another attack! When using the EX Dragon Charge while the opponent is not attacking, cancel with a backwards dash.


Normal Throws
Winding Nut (near opponent)OR+L
Suplex (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Rolling Elbow Rush +M(can be performed three times in sequence)
Jumping Knee Lift +M
Disgraceful Kick +M
Shoulder Tackle +ML
Moonsault Body Press +LM
Special Moves
Jaguar Step
Lariat (during Jaguar Step)L
High Elbow Drop (during Jaguar Step)MORH
Water Surface Kick (during Jaguar Step)
Mid-Air Leg Screw +(only against certain attacks)
Leg Screw +(only against certain attacks)
Running Jaguar Bomb + EX
Konvict Kick + EX
DDT (during Konvict Kick)
Giant Swing +(only when your opponent is standing) EX
Tomahawk +(only when your opponent is crouching) EX
Reverse Arm Slam Combo + EXSC
Super Arts
Wonderful Mexican Special Combo +
Wonderful Mexican Special Combo→Muscle Buster (after 2 successful hits)+


The EX Konvict Kick will knock your opponent backwards. If you don't chain on another attack, you can connect it to a Boost Combo. Your opponent won't be able to counter even if it's blocked, so give it a shot when you need a win!


Normal Throws
Knee Breaker (near opponent)OR+L
Around the World (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Revolving Trap Kick (far from opponent)LMORH
Jab Body Combo (far from opponent)M+H
Left Right Combo (far from opponent)MH
Left Right to Gut Check (far from opponent)MHMMH
Left Right to Power Elbow Combo (far from opponent)MH+MORH
Quick Elbow Combo (far from opponent)HMORH
Catapult Tackle Combo (far from opponent)H+
Craig Rush (far from opponent)MH+M+
Mongolian Chop
Spinning Backfist +M
Wake Up Hammer (when lying face down on the ground)
Wake Up Sweep (when lying face down on the ground)+
Special Moves
Gator Slam + EX
Northern Lights Suplex + EX
Double Leg Take Down + EXSC
Mount Mongolian Chop (if Double Leg Take Down hits)
Hercules' Hammer (if Double Leg Take Down hits)
Super Arts
Mount Rush +


Marduk's Spinning Backfist can withstand one attack from an enemy, so use it when your opponent attacks. If the Spinning Backfist connects, follow up with a Northern Lights Suplex or Mount Rush!


Normal Throws
Falcon Dice Kick (near opponent)OR+L
Bring It On (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Spinning Trip Kick +L
Tsunami Kick +M
Iron Heel +H
Fade-Away Kick +M
Reverse Kick MM
Chainsaw Kick ML
Flashing Trident (in air)LM
Middle Kick Combo MMM
High Kick Combo MMH
Low Kick Combo MM+L
Low & High Kick Combo MM+LH
Low & High Smash Kick Combo LM
Quick Kick Combo (during Flamingo Stance)MM
Flamingo Kick Combo (during Flamingo Stance)LM
Fire Storm (during Flamingo Stance)ML
Motion Switch
Special Moves
Special Step + EX
Sky Rocket + EX
Hunting Hawk + EX
Air Raid + EX
Air Raid Special (in air)+ EX
Dynamite Heel + EXSC
Super Arts
Heel Explosion Combo +


Hworang's Special Step can cancel actions with attacks such as Sky Rocket. Use the Special Step to blast through enemy projectiles and inflict damage!


Normal Throws
Gut Wrencher (near opponent)OR+L
Armlock Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Weaving A L
Weaving B M
Shoulder Rush (during Weaving B)L
Uppercut (during Shoulder Rush)MORH
Quick Spin H
Spin Gut Punch (during Quick Spin)MORH
Spin Low Hook (during Quick Spin)+MORH
Chopping Straight +M
Foot Stomp +L
Foot Stomp Right Hook (when Foot Stomp hitsORis blocked)MORH
Ducking Body +M
Ducking Hook (during Ducking Body)L
Flicker (during Ducking Hook)
British Edge +LM
Special Moves
Flicker Stance +
Flicker Jab (during Flicker Stance) EX
Peekaboo +
Patella Smash (during Peekaboo)L
Cutting Elbow (during Peekaboo)M
Albion Combination (during Peekaboo)H
Ducking + EX
Fox Hunt (during Ducking)L
Skyscraper (during Ducking)M
Gatling Gun (during Ducking)H
Sonic Fang + EX
Swaying +(only against certain attacks) EX
Hellfire + EXSC
Super Arts
Hellfire Rush +


Steve's Gatling Gun will bind the enemy for a while. Use the Switch Cancel on the first hit and perform Super Arts from a Super Charge!


Normal Throws
Wild Stallion (near opponent)OR+L
Mad Axes (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Party Crasher +M
Kaida +H
Baiyuan Sanshou L+MLL
Divine Impact LLM
Divine Intervention LLM
Trickling Stream +ML
Raging Rapids +MM
Slow Power Punch Combo +ML
Slow Power Punch to Low Kick +ML
Slow Power Punch to High Kick +MM
Red Orchid Combo +MMORH
Mountain Crusher +MMORH+
Special Moves
Swift Step +L(press L+M simultaneously for EX) EX
Lashing Arrow +M(press L+H simultaneously for EX) EX
Swift Step Explosion +H(press M+H simultaneously for EX) EX
Wind Roll + EX
Tequila Sunrise Elbow Smash (during Wind Roll)
Hunting Tomahawk (during Wind Roll)
Wind Roll Explosion (during Wind Roll)+
Rising Kick + EX
Tiger Strike + EXSC
Super Arts
Iron Mountain Rush +


Julia's Tiger Strike will knock the enemy backwards. Use a light attack to connect it to a Boost Combo. You can also perform the Tiger Strike from a forward dash; use a dash to cancel a Super Charge and launch straight into a Tiger Strike!


Normal Throws
Flying Cask (near opponent)OR+L
Quarter Deck (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Double Chapati (in air)HH
Gaufrettes Cutter (far from opponent)MMH
Gaufrettes Kick (far from opponent)MMH
Gaufrettes Punch (far from opponent)MH
One Two Punch L+M
Fast Break L+MLM
Course Picante LLL
Contorno Farce +HHH
Special Moves
Spinner Ball + EX
Lyonnaise Break (during Spinner Ball)
Perfect Press (during Spinner Ball)
Panini Flip (during Spinner Ball)+
Cracker + EX
Pound Cake (during Cracker)
Cracker Jacker (during Cracker)
Special Step + EX
Langue Washer (during Special Step)L
Spiral Rocky (during Special Step)M
Granchi Cannon (during Special Step)LM
Apres Sweep (during Special Step)L
Cutting Coppa (during Apres Sweep)LM
Giga Jacker + EXSC
Super Arts
Giga Meteo +


Bob's Cracker can't link with Pound Cake against enemies on the ground, but you can use them together against enemies in mid-air. Jumping with Cracker will make you invincible, so use it to knock down enemies that jump towards you.


Normal Throws
Sword Face Smash (near opponent)OR+L
Oni Killer (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Flea +
Flea to Sliding Headbutt (during Flea)
Jumping Flea (during Flea) OROR
Flea Release to cancel
Triple Roundhouse Combo +H(can be performed three times in sequence)
Poison Wind Bronze Fist +MM
Poison Wind Silver Fist +MM
Poison Wind Gold Fist +MM
Poison Wind Bronze Fist Steel Fist +MM+M
Special Moves
Poison Breath + EX
Flea to Poison Breath (during Flea)+ EX
Gehosen + EX
Suicide + EX
Slap U Silly +(press repeatedly for followup attacks) EX
Stone Fists +(press repeatedly for followup attacks) EX
Indian Stance Vacuum Dance OR+OR
Sword Poke Windmill + EXSC
Super Arts
Sword Poke Whirlwind +


Yoshimitsu's Sword Poke Windmill deals a flurry of blows. Perform a Switch Cancel at the first level and you can connect anything from a partner's Boost Combo to Launchers!


Normal Throws
Orbiting Moon (near opponent)OR+L
Dark Matter (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Stormbringer +MMORH
Skull Smasher +ML
Skull Smasher Feint +MM
Skull Smasher Feint Low +MH
Special Moves
Crossed Ninja Stars +(in air OK) EX
Haze OR+OR
Alter Ego + EX
Wind Cross +( on hitORblock for multiple attacks) EXSC
Super Arts
Doppelganger +


The performance of Raven's Alter Ego attack depends on the combination of [K] buttons! Launch the attack with [L][K]+[H][K] and you'll be invulnerable until the attack starts, so use it when you're under pressure from an opponent!


Normal Throws
Tidal Wave (near opponent)OR+L
Over the Shoulder Reverse (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Left Right Combo (far from opponent)LM
Inner Axe (far from opponent)LML
Spinning Hook Kick (far from opponent)LMM
Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo LLMLM
Kazama Style 6 Hit Combo +LLLMLM
Shun Masatsu +ML
Special Moves
Special Step
Thrusting Uppercut (during Special Step)L
Right Roundhouse Punch (during Special Step)M
Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick (L.L.R.K.) (during Special Step)M
Spinning Flare Kick (during Special Step)LM
Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick (L.L.R.K.)→Spinning Flare Kick (during Special Step)M
Power Stance + EX
Median Line Destruction + EX
Mental Alertness +
Left Drill Punch (during Mental Alertness)L
Swinging Fist Strikes (during Mental Alertness)LMORH
Swaying Willow (during Mental Alertness)MORH
Leaping Side Kick (during Mental Alertness)L
Right Sweep (during Mental Alertness)MORH
Penetrating Fist + EXSC
Super Arts
Devil Beam +


Jin's Power Stance withstands enemy attacks, and you can cancel the stance with Special Moves. EX Power Stance makes your next move a Counter, meaning you can link up combos like EX Power Stance -> Mental Alertness -> Swaying Willow -> Boost Combo.


Normal Throws
Jade (near opponent)OR+L
So Shoe Me (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Cyanide +M
Phoenix +
Rain Dance +
Special Moves
Storming Flower +L EX
Fortune +M EX
Fortune 2nd Hit (during Fortune)
Fortune Cookie +H EX
Fortune Cookie 2nd Hit (during Fortune Cookie)
Fortune Cookie 3rd Hit (during Fortune Cookie 2nd Hit)
Shooting Star + EX
Wave Crest (during Phoenix Stance) EX
Double Map Sweep (during Phoenix Stance) EX
Flower Power (during Phoenix Stance)+ EX
Phoenix Talon (during Phoenix Stance)+ EX
Mistrust (during Rain Dance) EX
Dark & Stormy (during Rain Dance) EX
Turn of Fortune (before the first hit of Dark & Stormy hits)
California Roll (during Rain Dance)+ EX
Cyclone Left (during California Roll)
Back Layout (during Rain Dance)+(press to cancel) EX
Hakkesho + EXSC
Super Arts
Hakkesho Combo +


Xiaoyu's Cyanide is a medium attack that lets you avoid crouching attacks. It will ground-bounce if it connects; use it against enemies who launch a lot of crouching blows.


Normal Throws
SHB (near opponent)OR+L
Raging Thunder (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Storm Axle +M
Special Moves
Silent Entry + EX
Lightning Thrust (during Silent Entry)
Rising Storm (during Silent Entry)
Avalanche Stomp + EX
Avalanche Flip (during Avalanche Stomp)L
Avalanche Spike (during Avalanche Stomp)MORH
Lightning Screw + EX
Dynamic Entry + EXSC
Lock & Load (during Dynamic Entry)
Double Barrel (during Lock & Load)
Mjolnir (during Dynamic Entry)+
Super Arts
Zeus +


Lars' heavy kick has long reach and can cancel Special Moves. Use it to cancel Silent Entry to sneak right up to your opponent.


Normal Throws
Spam Bomb (near opponent)OR+L
Double Bull Shoot (near opponent)+L
Compression (in air near opponent)L
Unique Attacks
Destructive Form +
Quick Access (near opponent)MM
Lost Access (far from opponent)MM
Idling (during Destructive Form)
Hertz Blade Flare (during Destructive Form)+M
Special Moves
Double Rocket Punch + EX
Cradle Star + EX
Happy Propeller + EX
Boot + EX
Hard Reset (during Boot)
Eject Slider (during Boot)
Clock Setting (only during Destructive Form)+ EX
Dual Boot + EX
Thruster Right (during Dual Boot)
Thruster Left (during Dual Boot)
Double Cut + EXSC
Super Arts
Trigger Shuffle +


Alisa's Idling doesn't deal damage, but it fills your Cross Gauge whenever you move. In Destructive Form, you can cancel Boost Combos up to medium level with Idling.


Normal Throws
Knee Blast (near opponent)OR+L
Anaconda Assassin (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Mid Kick to Rush +MMLM
Gatling Combination +MMLM
Double Back Knuckle (far from opponent)HL
Chopping Elbow +M
One Two Body Blow LML
One Two Low Kick LML
One Two High Kick LMM
Special Moves
Snake Pit + EX
Mach Breaker +M EX
Fisherman's Slam + EX
Fisherman's Slam→Atomic Throw (when M, HOREX version hits) at the same time
Right Left to Spin Kick +(can be performed three times in sequence) EX
Flying Knee + EXSC
Super Arts
Face Crusher +


Bryan's Flying Knee will let you slip past projectiles like the Hadoken to attack! It breaks right through standing blocks, so use it for surprise attacks on standing opponents!


Normal Throws
Megaton Drop (near opponent)OR+L
Iron Gunman (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Giant Foot Stomp (while jumping)
Pancake Press (during Giant Foot Stomp)
Granite Stomping +L
Cossack Kicks +LMLMLM
Cossack Smash (during Cossack Kicks)
Megaton Strike +LH
Machinegun Blast (near opponent)MMMH
Diamond Reamer (far from opponent)MM
Mad Dozer MMM
Special Moves
Piston Gun EX
Megaton Earthquake + EX
Rocket Uppercut + EX
Atomic Shoulder Tackle + EX
Gigaton Punch + EXSC
Super Arts
Giant Rush +


The key to victory with Jack-X is to attack your opponent without letting them close in! Limit your opponent's movements on the ground with the Megaton Earthquake, and use the Rocket Uppercut to knock out opponents approaching from the air!


Normal Throws
Adeus (near opponent)OR+L
Garganta Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Island Mirage +M
Satellite Moon Hot Plate Special +HH
Rasteila to Circle Kick +LM+HH
Rasteila Chibata +LM+HL
Rasteila to Low Kick 2 +LM+HM
Rasteila to Heran Bago +LM+HMH
Thong Bikini to Low Kick 2 +LM+HMM
Negativa to Meia-lua Combo +L+M
Negativa to Armada Combo +LM
Armada to Rasteila +LM+H
One Two Elbows L+M
Gancho Chibata (far from opponent)MM
Special Moves
Double Arm Stinger + EX
Twister Sweep +(press repeatedly for followup attacks) EX
Twister Front Stinger (during Twister Sweep)
Handstand + EX
Helicopter (during Handstand)
Batucada (during Handstand)
Perch Flop Kick (during Handstand)+
Front Stinger (during Handstand)
Wheel Kicks + EXSC
Super Arts
Wheel Kicks Sao Paulo Special +


Christie's EX Twister Sweep binds the enemy for a while, so perform a Switch Cancel to bring in your partner for an EX Super Charge!


Normal Throws
Sailboat Stretch (near opponent)OR+L
Closing Fan (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Razor Rush Mid Kick +MLMLM
Razor Rush Low Kick +MLMLL
Drunken Rapid Fists (during Staggering Slide)MM
Drunken Fox Combination (during Staggering Slide)LMH
Staggering Slide (during Play Dead)
Dancing Spear (during Back Turn)HMLL
Reverse Double Kick (during Back Turn)MH
Rushing Snake (during Snake)LLLLL
Snapping Snake (during Snake)LMLM
Snake Bite Combo (during Snake)MMMLM
Wolf Fang Cannon (during Dragon)MLML
Beating Kick Mid Combo (during Panther)MMLMM
Beating Kick Low Combo (during Panther)MMLML
Panther's Scratch (during Panther)LM
Crane Dance (during Crane)LMML
Drunken Master Walk +
Back Turn +
Snake +
Dragon (during Snake)OR(during Tiger)
Tiger (during Dragon stance)
Panther (during Snake)OR(during Crane)
Crane (during Panther stance)
Special Moves
Reverse Lotus + EX
Floating Lotus (during Reverse Lotus)
Comet Kick + EX
Comet Strike (during Comet Kick)
Tornado Kick +(can be performed three times in sequence) EX
Spinning Headbutt (during Drunken Master Walk)+
Drunken Fall (during Drunken Master Walk)+
Double Tiger Palm (during Tiger)
Tiger Sip (during Staggering Slide)
Tiger Sip Blow (during Tiger Sip)+
Dragon's Spite (during Dragon)+
Leaping Crane (during Crane)+
Orchid Palm + EXSC
Super Arts
Orchid Dance +


Lei can block attacks with his feet when he is standing or walking in the Crane stance. It also nullifies the opponent's crouching attacks. Match your opponent's moves!


Normal Throws
Rag Doll (near opponent)OR+L
Deadly Spear (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Flash Punch Combo LLM
Demon Slayer LMM
Infinite Kick Combo +HHHHH
Hunting Hawk +LML
Snake Blade +L+M+M
Special Moves
Waning Moon + EX
Ancient Power + EX
Blazing Kick + EX
Owl's Hunt + EX
Owl's Hunt (During Quick Recovery)
Indigo Punch + EXSC
Super Arts
Hell Inferno +


Ogre's Ancient Power attack parries blows at Low and medium, and is invincible at the heavy level. Ancient Power connects with the opponent's back, too; it can blow away enemies trying to jump over it!

Character Commands
Street Fighter

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