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Getting Started

At the Title Screen, press the START button or tap the touchscreen to enter the Main Menu.

Saving Data

Street Fighter X Tekken supports auto-saving. Data is automatically saved after battles or when settings are changed. [Pandora] is displayed in the corner of the screen when saving. Do not turn off the system at this time.

Character Select

Select and customize characters at the Character Select screen.

Character Settings


You can equip your character with costumes purchased from the PlayStation®Store.


Change the color of your character's costume. Players can also use their own custom colors.


Set a message to be displayed when your character wins. (Available in select battle modes.)


Set the starting value for your player's Vitality Gauge. (Available in select battle modes.)

Dan's Notes

Hey! The Character Select screen also shows you what characters you've selected recently! You can use this to quickly select Tag Teams!

The Game Display

1. Consecutive Wins

Current win streak.

2. Vitality Gauge

Vitality currently remaining.

3. Time Counter

Time remaining.

4. Win Mark

This marker indicates round wins.

5. Character Faces

Displays your current character and your partner in reserve. The reserve character is shown in the background.

6. Recoverable Damage

Displays the amount of damage that can be recovered in reserve.

7. Cross Gauge

The Cross Gauge increases as you launch attacks and take damage. Use this gauge to activate Super Arts and EX Special Moves.

8. Gem Icon(s)

Shows the Gem(s) currently in place. This icon will light up when a Gem is triggered.

9. Bonus Message

Displays various in-game messages.

10. Fight Request Icon

Displays an icon when Fight Request is enabled in Arcade mode and Briefings.

11. Battle Tap

Displayed when you tap the Battle Tap hot spot on the screen (touchscreen), or flick the rear touch pad.

Getting Started
Getting Started

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