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Basic Battle Controls

Normal Moves

Press the punch and kick buttons to execute Normal Moves. The move will depend on your character's stance and what button you press.

Special Moves

Perform Special Moves by combining direction key and button commands. Special Moves will inflict some damage even when your opponent is blocking. You can quickly execute Special Moves by inputting their command while your character is performing certain Normal Moves.

EX Special Moves

Special moves marked with an in the command list are called EX Moves. EX Moves are Special Moves with stronger power and performance. Execute EX Moves by simultaneously pressing two punch or kick buttons (depending on the move) when inputting a Special Move. (Consumes one block of the Special Gauge.)


Pressing the direction key in the direction away from your opponent will block against your opponent's attacks. Blocks are divided into upper (standing) and lower (crouching) blocks. You must use the correct block to fend off your opponent's attack. Characters cannot block while in the air.

Cross Cancel

Inputting a command after a successful block will execute a counterattack. These will move your character or attack the opponent, depending on the character. (Consumes one block of the Cross Gauge.)

Dan's Notes

You've seen the words COUNTER and REVERSAL onscreen during battle, right? Those show up when you counter an opponent's attack with one of your own, or when you execute a well-timed Special Move after taking a hit or blocking!

Knockdown Recovery

When your character falls after taking a blow, pressing two buttons simultaneously or pressing the directional key down just before you hit the ground will let you stand up faster. Successful use of knockdown recovery will decrease your time on the ground and let you prepare for the next attack.
Some attacks, such as Throws, will not allow you to use knockdown recovery.

Rolling Forward

Pressing the directional key in the direction of your opponent when you're down will cause you to roll forward. You will be invincible for a moment, making it possible to avoid a second attack.


Quickly press the directional key twice towards or away from your opponent to dash. Dashing allows you to quickly close in on your opponent or escape from attacks.

Throws and Throw Escapes

Pressing Light Punch and Light Kick simultaneously while standing next to your opponent will execute a Throw. You can use the directional key to change the direction of the Throw. You can also escape from your opponent's Throw by executing a Throw command just as you are being thrown.


Some characters can throw opponents while in mid-air. You can't dodge Air Throws.

Switching Characters

Press Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously to switch partners. Switching partners will allow the reserve character to recover some damage. You can also quickly switch partners during an attack by consuming one block of the Cross Gauge.


When playing with a partner, the reserve player can force a switch by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously. This consumes one block of the Cross Gauge.


Launchers form an offensive and defensive combo by throwing your opponent and then changing characters. Press Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously while on the ground to execute a Launcher. During a Launcher, you are impervious to lower attacks from your opponent.

Boost Combo and Cross Rush

Boost Combos let you combine attacks of light, medium and heavy punches or kicks. After you press L-M-H, L-H, or M-H, add one more H to activate a Launcher. This is called a Cross Rush.

Super Arts

You can launch strong Special Moves called Super Arts by using consuming two blocks of the Special Gauge. The commands for Super Arts are different for each character. You can also cancel a Normal Move by activating Super Arts.

Super Charge

Special Moves with a mark in the command list can be strengthened over three levels (Special Move -> EX Special Move -> Super Arts) by holding the Special Move button.

Cross Assault

The Cross Assault is a special attack in which you call your partner to fight alongside you. These attacks use all three blocks of the Cross Gauge, but fighting in a pair gives you a massive advantage. During solo play, the CPU will control the summoned character. When playing with a partner, the other player will have control.

Cross Arts

Cross Arts are powerful combo attacks you can activate by cooperating with your partner. These attacks can inflict massive damage, but they require all three blocks of the Cross Gauge. If the Cross Art lands, your partner will automatically be switched in.

Dan's Notes

Most attacks inflict recoverable damage, but Cross Arts are a different animal altogether! Use Cross Arts to completely wipe out your opponent's recoverable damage! Woo!


Pandoras are last-ditch attacks you can use once your vitality falls below 25%. Using a Pandora will wipe out your current character, but will have the following effects on your partner.
Tag actions become unavailable once a Pandora has been activated. If you are unable to K.O. your opponent while the Pandora is active, you will lose the match by Time Out.

Pandora Effects

1. Your partner's attack power increases.
2. Your partner's Cross Gauge remains maxed out.
3. Your partner receives twice your remaining vitality.

Quick Combos

You can launch combos you set up in Quick Combos under Customization. Using Quick Combos requires at least one block of the Cross Gauge.

Basic Battle Controls

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