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Edit Gem Units, Quick Combos, Character Colors, and Battle Profiles. You can also share custom data with the PlayStation®3 edition of Street Fighter X Tekken, or accept custom colors sent from other players using near.
(Gem Unit, Quick Combo, Character Color, and Battle Profile modes are touch-only. Buttons and keys will not function.)

Gem Unit

Set Boost Gems and Assist Gems for different characters to make it easy to select Gem Units at the Character Select Screen.

1. Gem Unit Name

The name of the Gem Unit currently being edited. Tap the arrow beside the Gem Unit to change the unit being edited. Tap Change Unit Name to rename it.

2. Gem Slot

Displays the name, effects, and consumption slots of the set Gem. Tap empty spaces to set Gems, or tap Remove Gem to remove them.

3. Slots Used

The number of slots currently being used.

4. Gem Type

Tap the arrow to the side of the Gem List to switch between Boost Gems, Assist Gems, and Log. You can choose recently selected Gems from the Gem Log.

5. Gem List

A list of Gems.

Auto Set

Tap Auto Set on the Gem Unit Screen to automatically set the Gems you possess.

Filters, Icon Legend

Tap Filter on the list screen to display a window of specific Gems. Tap Symbol Guide to open the Icon Legend and see details about the Gem effects represented by each icon.

Purchasing Gems

Using Gems that display the [Shop] icon on the Gem Unit list screen requires a download. You can also purchase Gems from the Store on the Main Menu. In the Store, press the △ button to see details about the downloadable Gems.


Downloads require a 3G or wireless internet connection.
If you're using a PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita with the same online ID, downloadable content purchased in Street Fighter X Tekken on one platform will be available for a free download on the other.

Quick Combo

Edit your Quick Combos. These allow you to quickly unleash series of attacks during battle.

1. Combo Slot

Displays the combo being set.

2. Combo Command

Displays the input command that executes the combo.

3. Combo List

Displays the combo name and Cross Gauge consumption.

4. Edit Combo Name

Use this to rename the selected combo.

5. Confirm Combo

View details about the selected combo.

6. Preview

Try out the selected combo.

Dan's Notes

PRESET 1 is each character's Boost Combo, and PRESET 2 is each character's Basic Combo. Give them a shot if you can't pull off combos quickly in battle!

Character Color

This mode lets you customize character colors. Color settings created here can be transmitted using the near app.
Shake the PlayStation®Vita at the color customization screen to select a random color.
Character color mode is touch-control only.
Character color mode is displayed vertically.

1. Send

Use near to send customized colors as gifts.

2. Obtain

Use near to view and obtain customized colors downloaded as gifts.
You can activate near by selecting Search for Gifts on the Customization menu.
You cannot accept gifts using colors you do not own, or gifts that have expired.

3. Custom No.

The number of the custom color currently being edited. Tap the number you wish to edit to enter the color customization screen.

4. Toggle Display

Tap to hide or show the palette and parts.

5. View by Part

Shows areas where color can be modified. The number varies depending on the character and costume.

6. Palette

A list of usable palettes.

7. Default

Cancel edits and return to original colors.

Camera Controls

View the character from a variety of angles and positions.

Drag Up, Down, Left, Right

Turn the character left or right, or move up and down.

Pinch In, Pinch Out

Zoom in and out on the character.

Battle Profile

This mode lets you edit the title and comment you display in network battle.
Battle Profile mode is touch-control only.

1. Toggle Category

Tap to change the category of title you wish to set.

2. Set Comment

Tap to move from the title setting screen to the comment setting screen.

3. Set Title

Tap to move from the comment setting screen to the title setting screen.


Tap a title or comment to set it. Flick up or down to scroll.

Sharing Custom Data

Custom data for Gem Units, Quick Combos, and Character Colors can be shared between a PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita using the same online ID. See "Linking with PlayStation®3" for more information.

Searching for Gifts

Use the Near app to search for custom character colors sent by other players as gifts. You can use gifts you find in Character Color mode.

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