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This mode uses the PlayStation®Network. Fight online battles, watch replays, or view your ranking and K.O. Monuments. For more information about PlayStation®Network system requirements and settings, visit the PlayStation® Official Site at

Online Battle

Fight opponents all over the world through PlayStation®Network.
See "Battles over PlayStation®Network" for more information on finding partners and opponents.
(A Wi-Fi connection is recommended for online play.
Use a high speed connection (such as FOMA high speed) when playing over 3G. Games over 3G may become unstable due to low signal or interference. If you experience problems, please switch to Wi-Fi play.)


Certain router settings may cause problems for Ranked Matches and partner matching.

Replay Channel

Here you can watch and collect replays uploaded by other players and manage your replay collection.

1. Battle Log

Watch your own temporarily stored replays. You can store up to 50 matches. After 50 matches, the oldest battle will be overwritten.

2. Elite Channel

Watch replays of top ranked players in action.

3. New Replays

Watch replays of the most recently uploaded ranked matches.

4. Character Channel

Watch replays featuring the character of your choice.

5. My Collection

Collect and watch your favorite replays. You can rename replays or use tags to organize them.

6. My Channel

Watch replays saved in My Collection with other players, or send your replays to others. After selecting My Channel, use the L and R buttons to toggle between creating your own lobby or searching for a lobby created by another player.
You can also use My Channel to transfer saved replays between your PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita.


Replays include matches from the PlayStation®3 edition of Street Fighter X Tekken.
You can also enter Battle Log and My Collection from Player Data.
You cannot use Follow Check when entering My Collection from Player Data, but you can watch replays even when offline.

Dan's Notes

See that Follow Check mark on the Replay Channel screen? This is a great function that will show you when players you're following in the rankings upload new replays! Check out the strongest fighters!


View total rankings for Battle Points in network matches, as well as weekly win rankings.

K.O. Monuments

View K.O. Monuments won in online battles. K.O. Monuments save the character of the player you defeated in a specific pose. Selecting a K.O. Monument from the menu will let you view detailed information as well as view the monument from different angles and positions.


You can also enter K.O. Monuments from Player Data.
Defeating PlayStation®3 players will also grant you K.O. Monuments.

Ad Hoc

Battle and exchange replays with nearby players using Ad Hoc mode.


Battle with other players using Ad Hoc mode. These matches will not affect your ranking. You can start a battle by hosting your own lobby, or by searching for a lobby created by another player.
See "Battles over PlayStation®Network" for more details.


Train with other players using Ad Hoc mode. You can train by hosting your own lobby, or by searching for a lobby created by another player.
The CPU character cannot be controlled using Casual Style. Use normal controls to move the CPU.

Ad Hoc My Channel

Send replay files saved in My Collection to other players and receive their replays through Ad Hoc mode. Send files by creating a lobby and selecting a replay from the playlist. Search for another player's lobby and enter as a guest to download their replays. You'll automatically leave the lobby once the download completes.

Main Menu
Player Data

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