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Street Fighter


Normal Throws
Shoulder Throw (near opponent)OR+L
Somersault Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Collarbone Breaker +M
Solar Plexus Strike +H
Special Moves
Shoryuken + EX
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku + EX
Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (in air)+ EX
Joudan Sokutogeri + EX
Hadoken + EXSC
Super Arts
Shinku Hadoken +


Launch Ryu's Joudan Sokutogeri attack in EX to wall-bounce the enemy. Aim for maximum damage by launching the attack from a Boost Combo!


Normal Throws
Knee Bash (near opponent)+L
Shoulder Throw (near opponent)+L
Hell Wheel (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Inazuma Kick +M
Forward Step Kick +M
Thunder Kick +H(hold to feint)
Target Combo (near opponent)MH
Special Moves
Hadoken + EX
Shoryuken + EX
Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (in air)+ EX
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku + EXSC
Super Arts
Shippu Jinraikyaku +


Ken's Thunder Kick will ground-bounce the opponent. Aim for maximum damage by launching combos with your partner!


Normal Throws
Koshuto (near opponent)OR+L
Kirinshu (near opponent)+L
Ryuseiraku (in air near opponent)L
Unique Attacks
Kakukyakuraku +H
Rear Spin Kick +L
Kakusenshu +M
Kintekishu +M
Kintekishu→Tenkukyaku +MM
Kintekishu→Tenkukyaku→Tenshokyaku +MM+M
Yosokyaku (while jumping)+M(can be performed three times in sequence)
Wall Jump (mid-jump, near wall)
Target Combo (during angled jump)HH
Special Moves
Kikoken + EX
Hazanshu + EX
Spinning Bird Kick + EX
Hyakuretsukyaku +(follow up attack possible by tapping the Kick buttons) EXSC
Super Arts
Senretsukyaku +


Pressing jump when in close and Chun-Li's heavy kick is hit or blocked lets you cancel the gap and continue attacking! Use this technique to jolt your opponents from the air!


Normal Throws
Hooligan Suplex (near opponent)OR+L
Frankensteiner (near opponent)+L
Flying Neck Breaker (in air near opponent)L
Special Moves
Cannon Spike + EX
Quick Spin Knuckle + EX
Hooligan Combination + EX
Hooligan Combination→Razor's Edge Slicer +No input
Hooligan Combination→Fatal Leg Twister +(near opponent)L
Hooligan Combination→Crossed Scissors +(near opponent in air)L
Cannon Strike (during forward jump)+(EX version can be done with any jump) EX
Spiral Arrow + EXSC
Super Arts
Spin Drive Smasher +


When using the Spiral Arrow from a distance, be sure to strike with the tip! This will let you launch the Spin Drive Smasher and chain together a combo!


Normal Throws
Dragon Suplex (near opponent)OR+L
Judo Throw (near opponent)+L
Flying Mare (in air near opponent)OR+L
Flying Buster Drop (in air near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Straight Chop +M
Spinning Back Knuckle +H
Knee Bazooka OR+L
Rolling Sobat OR+M
Reverse Spin Kick (near opponent)OR+H
Guile High Kick +H
Target Combo (Crouch)M+M
Special Moves
Flash Kick + EX
Sonic Boom + EXSC
Super Arts
Sonic Hurricane +


Guile's Sonic Boom goes great with the Super Charge. Use the Super Charge to confuse the enemy's timing as they try to avoid the Sonic Boom.


Normal Throws
Drop Throw (near opponent)OR+L
Pincer Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Forward Kick +M(can be canceled into a dash on hit or block)
Special Moves
Change of Direction + EX
Change of Direction→Second Mid ++
Change of Direction→Second Low ++
Change of Direction→Second Mid OR Second Low→Finish Mid ++OR++
Change of Direction→Second Mid OR Second Low→Finish Low ++OR++
Wheel Kick + EX
Marseilles Roll + EX
Falling Sky + EX
Tornado Throw + EX
Shoulder Tackle + EXSC
Super Arts
Breathless +(hold to change attack timing, press to cancel the attack)


Activate Abel's EX Shoulder Tackle to wall-bounce your enemy. Follow up with another attack for massive damage!


Normal Throws
Yoga Smash (near opponent)OR+L
Yoga Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Yoga Spear (in air)+
Yoga Mummy (in air)+H
Yoga Tower +
Razor Chop +L
Zoom Straight +M
Double Zoom Straight +H
Zoom Low Kick +L
Zoom High Kick (M) +M
Zoom High Kick (H) +H
Zoom Punch (L) +L
Zoom Punch (M) +M
Double Zoom Punch +H
Sliding +L
Yoga Sliding +M
Long Sliding +H
Jump Zoom Under Punch (in air)+L
Jump Zoom Side Punch (in air)+M
Jump Double Zoom Punch (in air)+H
Jump Zoom Forward Kick (L) (in air)+L
Jump Zoom Forward Kick (M) (in air)+M
Jump Zoom High Kick (in air)+H
Special Moves
Yoga Fire + EX
Yoga Teleport OR+OR
Aerial Yoga Teleport (in air)OR+OR
Yoga Flame + EXSC
Yoga Blast + EXSC
Super Arts
Yoga Inferno +
Yoga Volcano +


Dhalsim isn't known for his frontal attack power, but you can aim the Yoga Spear and Yoga Mummy low on your opponent to create combos!


Normal Throws
Tiger Rage (near opponent)OR+L
Tiger Carry (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Heavy Tiger Elbow +H
Low Step Kick +L
High Step Kick +H
Fake Kick (begin with standing H) H
Special Moves
High Tiger Shot + EX
Low Tiger Shot + EX
Tiger Uppercut + EX
Tiger Knee Crush + EXSC
Super Arts
Tiger Genocide +


Sagat's Tiger Knee Crush will wall-bounce the enemy. Even if they manage to block it, they won't be able to counter! Super Charge and launch an all-out assault!


Normal Throws
Colonel Carrier (near opponent)OR+L
Deadly Package (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Trick Rod +M
Spike Rod (in air)+M
Trick Landing (while landing)
Special Moves
Stinger + EX
Mekong Delta Attack (while landing) EX
Mekong Delta Air Raid + EX
Mekong Delta Escape +OR EX
Patriot Circle +(can be performed three times in sequence) EXSC
Super Arts
Patriot Sweeper +


If Rolento gets cornered, launch the Patriot Circle and Switch Cancel on the first level. Launch a combo if it succeeds, or safely switch characters if your opponent blocks!


Normal Throws
Yami Kazura (near opponent)OR+L
Uki Yami (near opponent)+L
Tobizaru (in air near opponent)L
Unique Attacks
Agemen +M
Backhand Punch (far from opponent)H+H
Spin Kick +L
Reverse Spin Kick +M
Hammer Kick +M
Sazan +M
Bonsho Kick +H
Target Combo 1 (while jumping)H+M
Target Combo 2 (during angled jump)L+H
Target Combo 3 (during angled jump)L+M
Target Combo 4 (near opponent)L+M+H
Target Combo 5 (far from opponent)L+M+L
Target Combo 6 (near opponent)L+M+H+H
Target Combo 7 +M+M
Target Combo 8 (near opponent)H+H+H
Target Combo 9 L+M+H
Special Moves
Kunai (in air)+ EX
Tsuijigoe +(follow up w/ Kunai possible at apex of jump arc)
Neck Breaker + EX
Kasumi Gake +
Kazakiri +(EX version can be followed up with Kunai) EX
Tsumuji +(for high attack, +for low) EX
Hien +(follow up with Kunai during descent) EX
Raida + EXSC
Super Arts
Yoroitoshi +


Ibuki's EX Kazakiri doesn't blow the opponent back, so launch more attacks while they're in the air and aim for a combo once they land!


Normal Throws
Slapshot (near opponent)OR+L
Frankensteiner (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Elbow Drop +M
Special Moves
Whip of Love +(press L, M,ORH up to two times for followup, up to 3 times for EX) EX
Kissed by a Goddess + EX
Love Me Tender +(press on hit to shift to a throw) EX
Aeolus Edge + EXSC
Super Arts
Love Storm +


Poison's Love Me Tender is a great move that can't be countered even if it's blocked. Hold back from inputting new attacks when it strikes and you can connect to combos from weak attacks!


Normal Throws
Neck Hanging Tree (near opponent)OR+L
Body Slam (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Body Press (during verticalORforward jump)+H
Hammer Hook +H
Leap Attack +M
Special Moves
Giant Palm Breaker + EX
Moonsault Press + EX
Shootdown Backbreaker + EX
Meat Squasher + EX
Ultra Throw + EX
Monster Lariat + EXSC
Super Arts
Gigas Breaker +(hold down buttons after activation to cause a miss)


Hugo's size makes it difficult to approach the enemy while avoiding projectiles such as Hadoken. But Monster Lariat can withstand one projectile, letting you attack even under fire! If you're far away, stop projectiles with a Super Charge and then close in with a dash.


Normal Throws
Head Bazooka (near opponent)OR+L
Hand Machinegun (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Vulture Kick +M
Glory Kick +M
Fragrance Palm +H
Falcon Kick (in air)+M
Target Combo (near opponent)L+H
Special Moves
Messiah Kick + EX
Messiah Kick→High Attack +L
Messiah Kick→Mid Attack +H
Messiah Kick→Low Attack +M
Snake Strike + EX
Galactic Tornado +(only MORH,OR determines distance) EXSC
Super Arts
Big Bang Typhoon +


When Rufus is cornered, try performing a Switch Cancel on the first level of the EX Messiah Kick. If it connects, follow up with a combo. If not, you can still switch partners.


Normal Throws
Body Slam (near opponent)OR+L
Brain Buster (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Flying Body Attack (during angled jump)+H
Double Knee Drop (during angled jump)+L
Headbutt (during vertical jump)+MORH
Long Kick +H
Special Moves
Spinning Piledriver + EX
Banishing Flat + EX
Double Lariat
Quick Double Lariat
Flying Power Bomb +(becomes Atomic Suplex when close) EXSC
Atomic Suplex (near opponent)+ EXSC
Super Arts
Final Atomic Buster +


Zangief can use techniques such as the EX Banishing Flat to avoid projectiles, but he can also withstand an attack with a Flying Power Bomb during a Super Charge. Try using this and following up with a dash to close in on the opponent!


Normal Throws
Rainbow Suplex (near opponent)OR+L
Crescent Line (near opponent)+L
Stardust Drop (in air near opponent)L
Unique Attacks
Piece of Mercury +M
Cosmic Heel +H
Back Slash
Short Back Slash
Wall Jump (mid-jump, near wall)
Special Moves
Rolling Crystal Flash + EX
Scarlet Terror + EX
Flying Barcelona Attack +(press after wall jump for followup) EX
Flying Barcelona Attack→Izuna Drop +(near opponent) OR+
Remove Claw +(EX version removes mask) EX
Sky High Claw + EXSC
Super Arts
Bloody High Claw +


EX Rolling Crystal Flash will knock your opponent backwards. Try following up with a combo!


Normal Throws
Head Bomber (near opponent)OR+L
Lever Break (near opponent)+L
Special Moves
Dash Low Straight + EX
Dash Low Smash + EX
Dash Swing Blow +hold EX
Buffalo Head + EX
Turn Punch OR(charge and release)
Dash Straight + EXSC
Dash Upper + EXSC
Super Arts
Crazy Buffalo +OR


Keep Balrog's Turn Punch held by continuing to press the button even after you've switched offscreen! It's difficult to pull off when you're playing alone, but you can try finishing the enemy with a Turn Punch when playing with a partner!


Normal Throws
Deadly Throw (near opponent)OR+L
Death Tower (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Hell Attack (during angled jump)MM
Special Moves
Psycho Crusher + EX
Head Press + EX
Head Press→Somersault Skull Diver + EX
Devil Reverse + EX
Bison Warp OR+OR
Double Knee Press + EXSC
Super Arts
Knee Press Nightmare +


M. Bison's Psycho Crusher attack deals damage to the enemy's entire body. If you can time the attack to pass a fallen enemy just as he stands, you can use it to flip your opponent's block direction!


Normal Throws
Karen Kick (near opponent)OR+L
Assatsu Kick (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Sekku +M
Special Moves
Fuhajin +(charge and release) EX
Shikusen (in air)+ EX
Shikusen→2nd Impact (in air)+(during hitORblock)
Shikusen→2nd Impact→3rd Strike (in air)+(during hitORblock)
Kasatushi + EX
Senpusha + EXSC
Super Arts
Kaisen Dankairaku +


Strike your opponent with a medium Senpusha for a chance to hit them with the Kaisen Dankairaku! Juri pairs well with Gems that require launching Super Arts.


Normal Throws
Sailor Shot (near opponent)OR+L
Choba Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Flower Kick +M
Special Moves
Hadoken +(hold to change effect) EX
Shouoken + EX
Airborne Shunpukyaku (in air)+ EX
Sakura Otoshi +(press up to three times after hit for followup) EX
Shunpukyaku + EXSC
Super Arts
Haru Ranman +


Sakura's Boost Combo combines a crouching medium kick and a standing strong kick from a distance. Land the crouching medium kick with the tip of the foot to create distance with your opponent, making it difficult to counterattack. Time the heavy kick correctly and connect to a Launcher for a combo!


Normal Throws
Wild Fang (near opponent)OR+L
Jungle Wheel (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Rock Crusher (near opponent)OR+M
Amazon River Run +H
Surprise Forward +
Surprise Back +
Coward Crouch +(continuously perform directional input)
Special Moves
Electric Thunder EX
Backstep Roll + EX
Vertical Roll + EX
Rolling Attack + EXSC
Super Arts
Ground Shave Roll +


Use Blanka's Surprise Forward to close in on the enemy! It puts you in the air, making it difficult for your opponent to counterattack or throw!


Normal Throws
Grab Throw (near opponent)OR+L
Shoulder Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Elbow Drop (while jumping)+M
Ninja Sickle +H
Neck Breaker +M
Wall Jump (mid-jump, near wall)
Bushin Gokusaken LMHH(Switch H to +H for throw)
Target Combo MH
Special Moves
Bushin Senpukyaku + EX
Bushin Izuna Otoshi +(when opponent is far, Bushin Izuna Otoshi replaced with Elbow Drop) EX
Run + EX
Run→Sudden Stop +L
Run→Shadow Kick +M
Run→Neck Flip +H
Kaiten Izuna Otoshi (in air)+ EX
Hozanto + EXSC
Super Arts
Bushin Goraisenpujin +


Cancelling from Guy's Target Combo heavy punch to a light Hozanto will execute a combo if it hits; even if it's blocked, it can only be broken with invincible techniques, making it nearly impossible to counter. Hit the enemy with a Hozanto near the edge of the screen to enable more attacks!


Normal Throws
Prisoner Throw (near opponent)OR+L
Bad Stomp (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Fake Bad Stone +H
Pick up Knife +(only when standing over knife)
Knife Throw (while holding knife)+
Knife Attack (while holding knife)
Bad Spray (During Quick Recovery)+
Stomach Blow +M(not possible when holding knife)
Crack Kick +H
Jaw Crusher +M(not possible when holding knife)
Hammer Hook +H(not possible when holding knife)
Special Moves
Bad Stone +(not possible when holding knife, hold for increased power) EX
Criminal Upper + EX
Zonk Knuckle (charge and release) EX
Ruffian Kick + EXSC
Super Arts
Final Destruction +


Cody's Jaw Crusher is a super effective anti-air attack! Throw one of these at opponents who come at you from above!


Normal Throws
Leg Lift Throw (near opponent)OR+L
Leg Hook (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Handstand Kick +M
Handstand Whip +M
Round Arch +H
Slide +H
Target Combo 1 (in air)LM
Target Combo 2 (in air)MH
Target Combo 3 HH
Target Combo 4 M+H
Special Moves
Mallet Smash + EX
Scratch Wheel + EX
Lynx Tail + EX
Spinning Scythe +(can be performed two times) EX
Rhino Horn + EXSC
Super Arts
Brave Dance +


Elena's Light and Medium Mallet Smash will send the enemy flying back, so follow up with a combo!


Normal Throws
Kidney Crusher (near opponent)OR+L
Dynamite Throw (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Slipping Jab +L
Stomach Blow +M
Kidney Blow +M
Step Straight +H
Dart Shot +H
Target Combo 1 +LM
Target Combo 2 (Crouch)LM
Target Combo 3 +HM
Target Combo 4 LMM
Target Combo 5 MOR+MMH
Target Combo 6 (Crouch)L+M+H
Target Combo 7 MHH
Target Combo 8 LMMH
Special Moves
Jet Upper + EX
Machinegun Blow + EX
Cross Counter +(only against certain attacks) EX
Duck +
Duck→Ducking Straight +
Duck→Ducking Upper +
Thunderbolt + EX
Short Swing Blow + EXSC
Super Arts
Rolling Thunder +


Dudley's Dart Shot is a quick and powerful medium attack. If it hits, you can connect it to a combo. Start by practicing Dart Shot -> crouching light punch.


Normal Throws
Goshoha (near opponent)OR+L
Syuretto (near opponent)+L
Unique Attacks
Zugaihasatsu +M
Tenmakujinkyaku (at top of forward jump arc)+M
Special Moves
Gohadoken + EX
Shakunetsu Hadoken + EX
Zanku Hadoken (in air)+ EX
Goshoryuken + EX
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku + EX
Airborne Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (in air)+ EX
Ashura Senku OR+OR
Hyakkishu + EXSC
Hyakkishu→Hyakki Gozan +No input
Hyakkishu→Hyakki Gosho +
Hyakkishu→Hyakki Gojin +
Hyakkishu→Hyakki Gosai +L
Super Arts
Raging Demon LLLH
Misogi +


If you're using the Hyakkishu to close in on your opponent, perform an EX Zanku Hadoken to shield yourself from projectiles and get the upper hand!


Normal Throws
Super Arm (near opponent)OR+L
Hyper Throw (near opponent)+L
Special Moves
Ice Slasher + EX
Thunder Beam (during vertical jump)+(EX version can be done with any jump) EX
Mega Uppercut + EX
Mega Buster + EXSC
Super Arts
Mega Cannon +


Mega Man's EX Ice Slasher will freeze your opponent for a moment. Corner your enemy at the edge of the screen and use the EX Ice Slasher to start a combo.

Character Commands
Street Fighter

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