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  • By sending Umbrella Corps data to RESIDENT EVIL.NET you will be able to access a variety of advanced combat data analysis features and stats.


    The ANALYSIS page displays the locations of your recent kills and deaths on the stage maps, allowing you to pinpoint positions that work in and against your favor.

    You will also unlock exclusive Decals according to your play style, and you can create your very own custom Decals with the full-featured Decal editor.


    (Only data for ranked matches is collected. RE NET will not include data from friend and private matches.)

  • Umbrella Corps does not have a Sync button.

    (Data is synched automatically. The time it takes for your data to sync depends on certain conditions such as the current sync load.)


    - Certain parts of your data are synced at different times:

    UPDATED (blue): Synced when the game first loads.

    UPDATED (red): Synched at the end of each match.

    UPDATED (yellow): Synched at fixed intervals other than the above.

  • Please follow the steps below to ensure that your Umbrella Corps data is synced.


    1. Connect your gaming platform to the internet

    2. Link your gaming account with RESIDENT EVIL.NET

    3. Enable the "Data Transmission" setting under RE NET in the main menu

    4. Send new data (The time it takes for your data to sync depends on certain conditions such as the current sync load.)


    * See "When is my data sent from the game to RESIDENT EVIL.NET?" for details on when your data is sent.

    * See "Account Link" page for details on how to link your account.

    * See "My data doesn't appear on RESIDENT EVIL.NET" if you are unable to sync your data.

  • Different parts of your data are sent at different times:


    1. Save file: data that is stored in your save file is sent automatically when the game first loads.

    (You must have played at least one One Life or Multi-Mission match before your data will be sent.)


    2. Result data: Data from each match and overall win/loss data is automatically sent at the end of each match.

    (You must have linked your accounts, your gaming platform must be connected to the internet, and you must have enabled "Data Transmission" under RE NET on the main game menu in order to send your data.)

  • If your data does not appear on RE NET, one the following two reasons will apply:


    1. You linked a different gaming account from the one you are using to play

    2. Your data has not yet been sent to RESIDENT EVIL.NET


    Please ensure that the in-game account associated with your CAPCOM ID matches the game you are currently playing.

    If the ID is correct, please make sure that your platform is connected to the internet, and re-enable the "Data Transmission" setting under RE NET on the main menu.

  • Your Overview provides a summary of your status and play data.

    You can also find the players you have most recently played with under the match log.

  • The STATS page displays data from your most recent matches.

  • Each mean are as follows,


    - K/D : Kill and Dealth rate

    - L/W : Lose and Win rate

    - SPM : Average socore

  • The ANALYSIS page contains information for analyzing your battle data, including:


    - The positions and number of kills

    - The positions and number of deaths

    - The weapons used when a kill was made

    - The body location that was hit to make each kill/death

    - RE NET users you have encountered online


    * The exact coordinates of each kill and death may differ slightly from the real location depending on network and game conditions.

    * This information is only provided for ranked One Life matches.

  • You can use the DECALS page to edit and configure your in-game Decal.

    (Decals can be applied to your character using the in-game Decal menu.)


    * Although you can create Decals and unlock components without linking your accounts, you will need to link your accounts if you want to send Decals to the game.

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