Regarding the Bugs from the Release of Season 5 (3/3 Update)

Bugs resolved on March 3, 2021.

The following issues have been confirmed since the Ver.6.001 title update released on Feb. 22, 2021. We are currently investigating the issues and will provide updates on any confirmed plans for fixes as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the game.

■(3/1 Update)An issue was discovered with Ken's and Vega's hitboxes when being countered with a V-Shift causing certain moves to not complete correctly. The hitboxes will be adjusted so their move recoveries will perform as intended.
→This is scheduled to be fixed on 3/4.

■ Sound effects in matches playback in 'Mono' sound even if the sound option selected is set for 'Stereo.'
→This is scheduled to be fixed on 3/4.

■When using Necalli's V-Trigger I "Torrent of Power" during an online match, some matches may experience a communication de-sync.
→This is scheduled to be fixed on 3/4.

■Chun-Li and Juri's V-Shift cause them to move back farther than expected.
→This is scheduled to be fixed on 3/4.

■Hitting Dan during the second half of his Jumping LP jump arc will ground him.
→This is scheduled to be fixed on 3/4.

■Some dojo objects are not displayed.
→This is scheduled to be fixed on 3/4.

■[For Steam Players] Using the F12 screenshot function during gameplay will cause the game client to forcefully close.
→This is scheduled to be fixed on 3/4.
 However, we can confirm that you can still take a screenshot by setting the Steam screenshot key to something other than F12.

We apologize for any inconvenience at this time. Thank you for your patience, and we appreciate your continued support.

【 音量を調整してお楽しみください 】





  • 道場はカジュアル勢からガチ勢だけでなく、どんな人達で集まりたいかを細かく設定することができるので、自分に合った仲間を見つけることができるぞ!同キャラ使いや同リーグの仲間を見つけ、互いに腕を磨こう!

  • Fighter's IDとTwitterアカウントの連携に対応!

  • 道場に入門するだけで、新ステージ「Dojo」が使用できるぞ! ※ゲーム中の「Dojo」ステージにはプレイヤー自身がカスタマイズした道場の情報が反映されます。(師範を含め、他の道場メンバーの設定内容が反映されることはありません)

  • 「Dojo」ステージはゲーム内コンテンツ、メナトの「気まぐれ占い」でプレイヤーが獲得した道場オブジェクトを使用してカスタマイズが可能!個性的なステージで対戦相手を驚かせれば、心理面で有利になること間違いなし!

  • SFVをいつも通りプレイしていると自然と「道場ポイント」が溜まるぞ! ※道場ポイント(DP)はアーケード・サバイバル・エクストラバトル・ランクマッチ・カジュアルマッチ・バトルラウンジをプレイすることで獲得できます。

  • 道場ランキングは道場メンバー全員の合計ポイントで決まるので、仲間と一緒に上位を目指してみよう!

  • 道場ランキングの上位になると特別な道場オブジェクトをプレゼント!道場に飾って対戦相手に自慢してやろう!