Ver. 03.002: Battle-Related Bugs and Fix Content (Feb 2)

<2018-03-05 Update>

About the Combo Scaling for Urien's Aegis Reflector and Ibuki's Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd Bomb)

In regards to Urien's Aegis Reflector (2nd mirror) and Ibuki's Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd bomb), we have received feedback from the community that when these moves are used in combos, the damage scaling is higher than usual. We would like to take this opportunity to inform that this was an intentional design decision, and our reasons for the decision.

● When the Combo Scaling Applied will be 1 Hit (Same as 1 Attack Hitting)
If Urien's Aegis Reflector (2nd Mirror) or Ibuki's Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd Bomb) hit as the first hit of a combo, the combo scaling value will not be applied.

● When the Combo Scaling Applied will be 2 Hits (Same as 2 Attacks Hitting)
If Urien's Aegis Reflector (2nd Mirror) or Ibuki's Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd Bomb) hit while the opponent is in hit stun, the combo scaling will be applied.

● Reason for the Adjustment
Both Urien's Aegis Reflector (2nd Mirror) and Ibuki's Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd Bomb) are extremely versatile moves, which set up many high/low/cross-up 50/50 situations that can effectively mix-up the opponent. As a result, we decided to give it extra combo scaling when used within a combo.

● About the Battle Adjustment List
Although we have "Upon activation, the counter for combo damage scaling has been increased from 1 to 2" listed in the Battle Adjustment List under "Adjustments for V-Trigger activation," for further clarity we are adding the specific information for Urien and Ibuki to their respective adjustment lists.

We have confirmed the following battle-related bugs in the Ver. 03.002 update that was released on January 17, 2018.
The bugs will be fixed in the next update.

◇Bug Content
When performing the V-Skill Rakan against Ken's Shinryuken, Akuma had a tendency to move backwards upon performing the Rakan Gokyaku.

◇Fix Content
Fixed the movement value for Rakan Gokyaku, eliminating the phenomenon.

◇Bug Content
The active frames for each of her normal throws without the crystal ball were 2F.

◇Fix Content
Fixed so that the active frames for each of her normal throws is 3F, the same as with the crystal ball.

■Urien, Ibuki
◇Bug Content
When activating their V-Triggers Aegis Reflector and Rokushaku Horokudama against an opponent who is getting hit, one extra hit was added to the combo scaling count.

◇Fix Content
Fixed so that the combo scaling count for Aegis Reflector and Rokushaku Horokudama on activation is the same as before.

◇Bug Content
With his V-Skill Metallic Aura active, during the forward dash attack movement of Tyrant Blaze, upon absorbing an enemy attack with the armor property Urien would gain complete invincibility for the remaining duration of the move.

◇Fix Content
Fixed so that Urien will not lose his hurtboxes upon taking a hit against the armor of Tyrant Blaze with Metallic Aura active.

◇Bug Content
Abigail could cancel the first hit of Abigail Punch (each strength) into V-Trigger.

◇Fix Content
Fixed so that Abigail cannot cancel into V-trigger from the first hit of Abigail Punch.

◇Bug Content
During the forward movement of the max-charge Metro Crash, Abigail gained an unintended number of armor hits.

◇Fix Content
Fixed so that Abigail will have two hits of armor during the forward-movement attack portion of max-charge Metro Crash.

◇Bug Content
When performing Shock Dance from a normal move cancel, the proper combo scaling was not applied.

◇Fix Content
Fixed to apply the proper V-Trigger activation combo scaling when Shock Dance is activated from a normal move cancel.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused, and ask for your patience until the next update, in which these issues will be fixed.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Street Fighter V.

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