Title Update Ver. 06.021 Notification (4/18)

With the conclusion of the 4/19/2021 server maintenance,
Street Fighter V was updated to Ver. 06.021.

■ Content

- Playable Character

- Stage
Marina of Fortune

- Costumes
Additional costume "Story": Rose
Additional Costume "Battle Outfit 1": Rose
Additional Costume "Nostalgia": Rose
Additional Costume "Swimsuit": Rose
Additional Costume "Ad Style": Rose (free)
Additional Costume "Track Suit": Rose (free)

Additional Costume ("Professional"): Juri
Additional Costume ("Professional 2"): Vega
Additional Costume ("Professional"): Seth

- Colors
Rose: Default Colors 3-10
Rose: Story Colors 3-10

■ Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue in which using Akuma's Sekia Kuretsuha on the
Ring of Galaxy stage would cause effects to not display correctly.

■ Battle Adjustments

- Fixed an issue in which a crouching medium punch, crouching medium kick, or crouching heavy kick could connect with certain high/mid-hitting attacks while Renkiko (V-Trigger I) is active.

- The adjustments made in version 06.001 caused the special version of M. Hanging Chain, which has slower start-up than the normal version, to be performed instead when canceling into the move from a standing medium punch.
 This was not intended, so we've sped up the start-up of the special version of M. Hanging Chain when canceling into it from a standing medium punch.
 Additionally, when cancelling into an M. Hanging Chain from a crouching medium punch, the special version will be performed which will hit multiple times.

R. Mika
- Fixed an issue in which Rainbow Typhoon and Brimstone could be used in combos from any throw attack under certain conditions, even if the effects of Heated Mic Performance (V-Skill I)
 or Pumped Up (V-Skill II) had expired.

- Fixed an issue in which a standing heavy punch could not be canceled with any V-Trigger immediately after the opponent blocked the first active frame of the attack.
- Fixed an issue in which Zangief would become temporarily invincible if the player canceled into Cossack Muscle (V-Trigger II) from certain attacks.

- Fixed an issue in which Laura would become temporarily invincible when canceling Spark Show (V-Trigger I).
- Fixed an issue in which Laura would exhibit strange behavior during the screen slow-down effect of a successful V-Shift performed at specific timing while performing the two follow-up attacks to Volty Sprink (V-Skill II).

- Fixed an issue in which Dhalsim would become temporarily invincible while staggering immediately after Alex's Sledgehammer hits him.

- Fixed an issue in which F.A.N.G would become temporarily invincible when canceling Koryo Dokuda (V-Trigger II).

- Fixed an issue in which Balrog would become temporarily invincible if the player canceled into Crazy Rush (V-Trigger I) or No Mercy (V-Trigger II) from certain attacks.

- Fixed an issue in which Blanka would move in a strange way with certain inputs when performing Rock Crusher.

- Fixed an issue in which G would become temporarily invincible when canceling Maximum President (V-Trigger I) or Dangerous President (V-Trigger II).
- Fixed an issue in which getting knocked down once would cause G to drop two levels under certain conditions.

- Extended the hitbox of Gill's jumping heavy punch inwards to prevent the attack from missing certain characters.
- Fixed an issue in which the entirety of Cryokinesis would behave differently if canceled into from crouching heavy punch or Cryo Rise Kick while Ice of Doom (V-Trigger II) is active.

- Fixed an issue in which certain inputs would cause Dan to become temporarily invincible when activating Haoh Gadoken (V-Trigger I).

We have also made other minor fixes and improvements.

Thank you for continuing to support Street Fighter V.

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