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Character Animation: Ed

Character Animation: Ed

Hello everyone. To get the characters moving in-game, we need data called "motions."
In Street Fighter V, with a few exceptions we used motion capture in order to create those motions. Before the motion capture actors could get to work though, we had to think about the type of move and what its properties would be. For that purpose, we drew images of the animation patterns to help. This time, I'd like to show you those some of those illustrations, and our featured character this time around is Ed.

Normal Moves (Standing) Space-controlling at the mid-range, recovery, usefulness in combos, cancelability.

We want him to be at an advantage on hit and block, so his motion should leave him in a state that's easy to move in after the attack motion ends.

Imagining a startup of 5-6F

(Note: The above functionality may be different from what's actually in-game)

↑This is an example of the usefulness and move behaviors that are included in the image.

■V-Skill: Psycho Snatcher - Ground This is the move that Ed used in the General Story to take the chess piece away from Zangief's chest.

He extends his hitbox forward, and if it makes contact with the opponent, he dashes forward with an attack.

It's got good reach, and Ed gets quite an advantage on hit, so we're thinking to make it about the same as a heavy attack, or a bit slower. For that reason, we'd like the motion to include a bit of a wind up/charge motion before going into the attack.

(Note: The above functionality may be different from what's actually in-game)

↑This type of necessary information was included for when the motion capture performance was being made.

■Critical Art: Psycho Barrage Dialogue
"Nowhere to run!"
"Sora!"(punching noises)
"Sora sora!" (punching noises)
"This'll be my round!"

If the dialogue has been finalized, we have the motion capture actor say them out loud upon doing the performance. It's extremely useful in considering the move duration and tempo.

But there are times when the motion capture actor will do an adlib (it's amazing every time) or we might come up with new ideas on site, which leads to changing the poses we originally decided on. Excluding this though, this is how the character motions are decided.

For other insights on the processes involved and images, check out the
Pen+ 30th anniversary Street Fighter special! (Japan only).
There's plenty of in-depth information to be found within, so if you're interested be sure to check it out!

See you next time!

Takayuki Nakayama

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