Concept / Rejected Art

First Round of Characters and V-Triggers

The Cutting Room Floor

Hello again everyone!
Today we're going to show off some cool designs and V-Trigger ideas we had during the development of the game.
There are a lot of reasons why they didn't make the final cut, but we'll show you everything from designs that barely failed to make the cut, to stuff that were just jokes.

Yoga Dimension
An idea for Dhalsim's V-Skill. Dhalsim and his opponent switch places upon activation.
Seems like it'd be a great idea for when someone is throwing Hadokens at you!
We looked into this idea, thinking it'd be too strong, but it actually wasn't strong at all, and it just made the person hit by it super angry!

Catapult Reload
Guile's V-Skill. Immediately crouching will charge your attack, so no more Turtle Guile!
All actions can be canceled into a crouch.
While it turned out to be strong, it was also kind of plain, so we scrapped this and tried to come up with more interesting ideas for the V-Skill.

Grab Anything
An idea for Zangief's V-Skill. If one of your normal attacks is blocked, this V-Skill will convert that normal attack into a throw, whether you be standing, in the air, or crouching!
It was considered way too strong and not what we had in mind for Zangief in this game so we scrapped it.

Nash's V-Skill that let you dash at super speeds in the air or on the ground.
It overlapped with the image of the Sonic Boom, however, so it was nixed.
And it wasn't that interesting either!

Sadistic Chamber
Vega's V-Trigger. With a snap of his finger, Vega summons a giant steel fence from the sky.
It was an interesting concept but not very useful... and the cost of making this kind of idea into reality was pretty high.
We really wanted to do it but... nope, sorry!

And that's it for this time!
These sketches were used in our design docs, so they may seem old.
We'll try to find more stuff like this that we can publish!

Takayuki Nakayama

【 音量を調整してお楽しみください 】


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