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About Resident Evil.Net

  • With the release of the Resident Evil Portal, the following specifications have been changed in Resident Evil.Net. (The content was announced in December 2020)


    - Changed the default icon used on the site.

    (Icons you have will be added when you register.)

    - Removed the Site Buddy feature.

    - Removed the message board feature.

    - Removed the forum feature.

    - Ended the consecutive login bonus.

    (As a result, Web Badges that require consecutive logins will no longer be obtainable.)

  • Resident Evil.Net is a free web service linked with supported games that makes use of the uploaded data of players from across the globe to enhance the Resident Evil experience.

  • No.
    Resident Evil Portal is  a free web service. There are no registration fee whatsoever.

    * Although the Resident Evil Portal services itself are free, when linking a Nintendo Switch-compatible title, you will need to subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online's paid services.

  • In order to register on Resident Evil.Net, you will first need to create a free CAPCOM ID.

  • Yes, Resident Evil Portal can be viewed on PlayStation®4.

  • The timing for sending and receiving play data varies depending on the supported title. For details, please see the Q&A for each title.

    >>Resident Evil 6

    >>Resident Evil Revelations

    >>Resident Evil

    >>Resident Evil Revelations 2

    >>Umbrella Corps

    >>Resident Evil 7 biohazard

    >>Resident Evil 2

    >>Resident Evil 3

    >>Resindent Evil Resistance

    >>Resident Evil Village

  • After you have logged in, pushing the [Synchronize / SYNC] button will add your data to the synchronization queue. If there are no other users in the queue, your data will be synched immediately. If not, your data will be synched as soon as the data of the other users in the queue has been processed.
    Although the queue is processed sequentially, if the server is under heavy load it can take a few hours for your data to be synchronized. Once you have pushed the [Synchronize / SYNC] button, it will not be reenabled until your data has been synched.


    *Resident Evil 7 / Umbrella Corps / Resident Evil 2 / Resident Evil 3 / Resident Evil 3 / Resident Evil Resistance / Resident Evil Village do not have a [Synchronize / SYNC] button.

  • No.
    You do not need to register on Resident Evil.Net in order to unlock in-game trophies or achievements.

  • RE Points are awarded for actions such as unlocking records, and taking part in online events. RE Points can be used to unlock various items available on Resident Evil.Net.

  • No, items and Points can only be used for the platform on which they were earned.

    * RE points can only be transferred between PS3 and PS4, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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For those who use App (for iOS)
If you are using App (for iOS), the following settings are required to use the "Resident Evil Ambassador Program".
* Please make your own judgment regarding the implementation of this operation.