Calling all Shadaloo soldiers! I have excellent news!
A huge update is coming to Street Fighter V!
If you've already purchased SFV, this update is free!

Note: some content must be purchased

The Season 3 characters will be coming at a steady pace!

Note: The characters are not included in the free update.

Battle it out in teams composed of 2-5 members!
Choose between the Elimination or Best of Series format, and utilize various settings such as whether or not your gauges will carry over to the next round. This is a great mode for getting hype together with your friends, but it can also be enjoyed in single player. Your battle strategy and teamwork will be the key to victory!
Note: Team Battle will be available upon applying the patch over the network.

Fight against unique enemies!
Defeat the golden-colored Shadaloo soldiers to get FM!
There may even be opponents wearing special alternate costumes...?!

3To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter,
you can enjoy the story paths of 6 SF games.
There's an ending comic panel for each character in each path.
Of course, you can turn on Fight Request while taking on Arcade Mode as well!

In addition to the Arcade Mode endings,
fulfill certain requirements to unlock a treasure trove of special illustrations!
There are over 200 pieces of artwork just waiting to be unlocked!

All characters are getting a V-Trigger II, which can be selected before the battle begins!
Use them to create a new playstyle for your character!

The Character Select and battle screens have been overhauled!
We're going for substance over style!

【 音量を調整してお楽しみください 】