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  • The following features for Resident Evil 7 biohazard are supported on RESIDENT EVIL.NET:


    - Overview: A quick look at your overall game status

    - Challenges: Earn RE Points and exclusive icons by meeting in-game requirements

    - Rankings: A variety of global leaderboards

    - Worldwide stats: Facts and figures combined from the data of users across the globe

  • Your Resident Evil 7 biohazard data is uploaded automatically if you meet the following requirements:


    - Your game console is connected to the internet

    - You have linked your online gaming account with RESIDENT EVIL.NET

    - The "RE NET Play Data Settings" option is enabled under RE NET in the MORE menu of the game

    - You have played the game (The time it takes for your data to sync can be affected by the number of users in the sync queue.)


    Please see "When is my game data sent to RESIDENT EVIL.NET?" for more details on when your data is synced.

    Please refer to "Account Link" in "Account Link status" for how to link accounts.

    Please see "My game data isn't updating on RESIDENT EVIL.NET." if you are unable to update your game data.

  • If your game data is not syncing please check the following:


    - You are using the same online gaming account that you linked with RESIDENT EVIL.NET. Please ensure that the in-game account associated with your CAPCOM ID matches the game you are currently playing.

    - Your game console is connected to the internet and configured to send data. Please check that the "RE NET Play Data Settings" option is enabled under RE NET in the MORE menu of the game

  • Your data is sent to RE NET at the following times:


    - When performing a manual save (using a cassette tape)

    - When selecting QUIT from the pause menu


    * Your data is also sent at other times as you progress through the game, although to avoid spoilers and to combat cheating the exact details will be kept secret.

  • No, this title does not support online events.

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