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*Screenshots are from the Xbox 360 version.

Compete against other agents for points in this mode.

An online-only competitive mode.
Cannot be played alone.

● Up to 6 players.

● Compete individually or as a team.
*Skills in this mode must be equipped in the Survivors Skill Settings.

Skills equipped in other modes will not be applied.

Beginning Survivors


Select Extra Content under Play Game, and then Survivors.


Select an option from the title screen.

Create GameCreate a session.

Join GameJoin a session.

Skill SettingsPurchase and customize skills for Survivors.

LeaderboardsView rankings.

In Create Game

Adjust the following settings, and select Start Game.

MatchingRanked Match: Game results appear on the Leaderboards.
Player Match: Game results will not appear on the Leaderboards.

Location SettingsSearch for players based on location.
・All Regions
・Home Region

RulesDeath Match: Compete individually.
Team Match: Compete as a team.

StageSelect a stage.

PlayersSet number of players.

Private SlotsSet number of invited players.

In Join Game

Adjust the following criteria, and begin your search.

MatchingRanked Match: Game results appear on the Leaderboards.
Player Match: Game results will not appear on the Leaderboards.

Quick MatchQuickly join another player's game session.

Custom MatchSearch for a game session to join within a set of parameters.

The following parameters may be set for search in Custom Match.

Location SettingsSearch for players based on location.

Rule SettingsChoose the game mode you want.

Stage SelectionChoose the stage you want to play.


Adjust the following settings in the Lobby.


Use right stick up/down/left/right right stick up/down/left/right, or Y to enter the Character Select screen and select a character.


Select a stage with SELECTBACK.
(Only applies if you created the session.)


Change equipped skills with L1LB R1RB.
Note: You will need to purchase, customize, and equip skills in the Survivors Skill Settings.


The game will begin when at least one other player has entered the lobby and is ready (all settings have been adjusted), and the player that started the session presses ×A.
*Players that joined a session cannot begin a game.

Other Actions in the Lobby

● Use left stick up/down left stick up/down to select other players, and hold R1RB to view their dog tags.

● In Team Match, use R2RT to change your team. Choose from the Alpha or Bravo teams.

The Game Screen


Scores are displayed by team in Team Match.

2Remaining Time


4Player Info

1 Rank:See current rank.
2 Fallen Agents:Fallen agents are marked with an X.
3 Health:You can check your remaining health by your gamertag color.
  Green - healthy
  Yellow - half-health
  Red - remaining health is low

The Game Screen for Creatures


Displays controls for each creature.


3Physical Combat Gauge

Game Mode

Death Match

All other players are enemies. The winner is determined by final total points.

Team Battle

Players are divided into two teams. The winner is determined by final total points.

Basic Game Rules

The time limit per round is five minutes in both Death Match and Team Battle.

● Points are earned by damaging or killing other players (agents) with weapons or physical attacks.

● If you are killed as an agent, you will respawn as a creature (a zombie or J'avo).
 If you kill other agents when you are a creature, you will then be able to respawn as an agent once more.

● The game will end when all of your opponents are defeated, or when time runs out.


Points are calculated in the following ways.

● Damage dealt to opponents + damage amount X five points (thus, 100 damage would be 500 points).
● For killing an opponent: +5,000 points
● For killing a creature: +1,000 points
● For being the last one standing: +12,000 points
● For running out of time: +12,000 points / number of survivors


● You can use all characters and stages from The Mercenaries!
 Each character has special, Survivors-only equipment, giving you a variety of ways to play!

● Take out agents with headshots!

● The agent's physical attacks also eat away at other agents' stamina!

● Unleash powerful moves on agents that are stunned.

● Find powerful, agent-only weapons scattered across the map.

● Defeat agents to pick up skill points!

Downloadable Content (Xbox 360 Exclusive)

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