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REturning to Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil series has spawned a horde of different titles over the past 25 years.
As well as the main entries, you've also got the remakes and spin-offs. (And I can't get enough of them!)
Every one of them has their defining moments and memorable scenes! What games are your guys' favorites?

For me, without a doubt it has to be the Resident Evil 2. So for this article, I thought I'd once again set foot into the world of survival horror and share with you what I love about the game!
Even if you're no stranger to the game, you might just find more reasons to love it!

It's gonna be heaven getting Leon and Claire outta hell again!


Okay, in order to get started, I'm going to need to borrow some supplies from the Capcom offices...

A door that says "Occupied"... Seems familiar...
To gear myself up for gunning down some zombies, I took a look at this bad boy right here!

It's a poster from around the original release of Resident Evil 2.
The caption to the left of Leon reads: "You shouldn't have come alone..."


Okay, disc locked and loaded. Time to pay Raccoon City another visit. Actually, let's take a look at something else first: the game's packaging. Nothing beats getting your hands on a game case and opening it up!

Leon and Claire each get their own disc, too!

As a pack-in bonus, you even got stickers for your PlayStation memory cards.
Ooh! There are even stickers for the different scenarios!

What really made Resident Evil 2 special was not only the two playable characters, but also the "zapping system", where actions the player took in scenario A would affect the playthrough of scenario B.

It was revolutionary for the time.

Okay, I think I've fanboyed long enough. On to the game...

But you can't play the game without a controller, right? Good thing I found one!
This was made specifically for Resident Evil 2. Just look how different the button placement is!

Wait, there's set of herbal tea included?!
I didn't even think to look for something like that while I was rummaging around! Maybe someone else in the office already drank it...

Anyway, back to Resident Evil 2... Aaaaand I'm stuck... It's been so long it's as if I'm playing it for the first time...
But lucky me, I've got this strategy guide!

This thing contains everything you need to complete the game with clean pants!

Even if you know what to expect, Resident Evil 2 is still one hair-raising experience.
That poster wasn't kidding when it said, "You shouldn't have come alone..."

Okay, a licker's getting ready to jump at me and I'm outta ammo... I think that's me done for today... But, man, that was fun! Thanks for joining me for another trip down the mean yet alluring streets of Raccoon City!
If you've got any memories to share or swag to show off, share them on social media with the #REBHFun hashtag!

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