Resident Evil Portal Privacy Policy

Capcom Co., Ltd. (a Japanese corporation with its head office at 3-1-3 Uchihirano-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; hereafter, the "Company") handles, as follows, personal information of users that have consented to the terms and conditions for and registered with Resident Evil Portal, pursuant to the Resident Evil Portal privacy policy (hereafter, the "Privacy Policy"). 1) The Company acquires and handles the following personal information from users:
  • a) Setting information, such as nicknames and icons, when using Resident Evil Portal;
  • b) Information registered in a service for members separately designated by the Company (i.e., the user’s email address, name, country of residence, address, date of birth, gender, and other such information; the ID issued by the Company; a platform ID (i.e., a user identifier assigned by a game platform provider); hobbies and preferences, etc.; information that identifies, or can be used to identify, a user, etc.)
  • c) Users' ranking data, save data, usage history, created blog articles, etc. that are generated in services within the Resident Evil Portal.
2) The Company uses the personal information of users to achieve the following purposes:
  • a) To provide Resident Evil Portal and services in Resident Evil Portal;
  • b) To undertake statistical surveys and data analysis for understanding users’ usage trends in services to improve services and develop new contents and other new services provided by the Company;
  • c) To distribute information related to products, services, and the like provided by the Company or a third party;
  • d) To provide support to resolve malfunctions; and/or
  • e) To prevent misconduct.
3) The above personal information is handled by the Company on the following legal basis:
  • a) Performance of obligations set forth in contracts executed between the Company and users;
  • b) The Company’s legitimate interests, such as smooth operation of services, improvement of services provided by the Company to users and development of new services.
4) In addition to the purposes set forth in the item (2) of this Privacy Policy, the Company may use a user’s personal information for a usage purpose for which the user’s specific consent has been obtained in advance. 5) The Company may provide personal information to a third party in the following cases in which:
  • a) The Company has obtained the user’s prior consent;
  • b) Handling of personal information is consigned, within a scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, to an outsource company of the Company, such as a subsidiary, affiliate, cloud vendor, or other third party supplier, that has entered into a confidentiality agreement for personal information with the Company;
  • c) The information is processed as statistical data, such that it cannot be used to identify an individual;
  • d) Any judicial or administrative agency formally requires access to personal information; and,
  • e) Otherwise as required under laws and ordinances.
6) Users are not obligated to provide their personal information and may, at their discretion, determine whether or not they shall agree to provide their personal information. However, if an individual user does not provide personal information when it is deemed necessary by the Company, then the user may not be able to use all or part of Resident Evil Portal or services in Resident Evil Portal. 7) A user may, at any time, withdraw consent that he or she gave to the Company by carrying out the procedure for withdrawal of Resident Evil Portal specified separately. Furthermore, in addition to that procedure for withdrawal, a user may, at any time, also withdraw the specific consent set forth in the item (2) of this Privacy Policy. However, that withdrawal of consent will not affect any processing that was carried out before such withdrawal. 8) Personal information of users acquired by the Company will be retained, for a necessary period, to achieve the purpose of use. 9) The Company handles matters that are not provided for in this Privacy Policy in accordance with laws and ordinances and the separately stipulated privacy policy of the Company. When a user consents to this Privacy Policy, the user consents to the processing of personal information by the Company, and the Company will process personal information of the user based on that consent of the user. However, the Company cannot respond to requests made to the Company related to personal information in such case which brings serious damage to the Company’s continuous operation upon providing game software and services. 10) Provisions related to users residing in the EEA or the UK:
  • a) If the Company intends to transfer personal information from Japan to a country or region other than the EEA or the UK, the Company will take sufficient measures to protect personal information by executing Standard Contractual Clauses or other sufficient measures pursuant to the GDPR.
  • b) If a user resides in the EEA or the UK, the user may exercise the rights to access, rectify, erase, and restrict processing or data portability in certain situations. However, please note that each such user can exercise those rights concerning personal information handled by the Company to the extent the GDPR applies.
  • c) Each user may have the right to submit an objection either to the Company or to the appropriate supervisory data protection authority of such user’s region regarding processing of personal information.
  • d) The purpose and means to handle personal information are determined by Capcom. For inquiries about your information, please refer to this page.
  • e) The contact details for the Company’s data protection officer are as follows: Capcom Co., Ltd. 3-1-3 Uchihirano-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0037 Japan E-mail address for inquiries about personal information:

Established on February 1, 2021