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REminiscing: Resident Evil Collector's Items

March 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series!
It's the passion of the fans that has brought us this far. A big thanks to all of you!
It's that love and support over the years that's not only kept the series going, but also helped spawn some awesome Resident Evil merch!
So, for this article, I'd like to share a few of the cool RE collector's items lurking behind the doors of the Capcom office!


What awesomeness lies behind this door? It says "Occupied"... Creepy!
Alright, I'm going in. Cover me...

Whoa! There's so much stuff in here! Too much to show unfortunately.
But I can at let you peek at some of the sweet loot I found!


First up is this little gem. Now THIS brings back memories!

It's the Resident Evil Code: Veronica collector's case!
I heard we had a bunch of these left over, so we filled them with chocolates and gave them out at events.


Moving on, we've got this beauty right here.

It's the limited-edition S.T.A.R.S. Dreamcast!

The Dreamcast console was released in Japan by Sega Enterprises, Ltd. in 1998.
This emblem on the console belongs to the R.P.D.'s special forces division, of which―as fans know―Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield were members.

The console not only has the S.T.A.R.S. emblem on it, but its color scheme matches the team's, too! I bet Resident Evil fans would love to add this to their collections!

Even nowadays special editions of consoles are produced; they're still a slick way to show your love for your favorite characters/games!


Here's another Code: Veronica collector's item. Make sure you've got your sound up!

This is the rare Resident Evil Code: Veronica music box, released as a special pack-in bonus. It plays the same song as one of the puzzles in the game.

It's a beautiful yet haunting melody, which, if you ask me, nails the feel of the Resident Evil games!


If you're itching for more heart-pumping tales set in the Resident Evil world, then check this out!

This was included as a special bonus with the original Resident Evil, and apparently contains a story inside. Whoa. It's even got a serial number!
This story you won't find anywhere else. Definitely something a lot of RE fans out there would love to delve into!
Introducing Trevor...and his badass trench coat!

*[Updated March 29th, 2021] This book was made as a bonus item for the Sega Saturn version of BIOHAZARD.


And last but not least...this!
It just screams '90s, doesn't it?
Some of you reading this will be like, "No way! I know this!" whereas others will be like, "Huh...?"

It's a VHS tape of TV commercials for Resident Evil 2!
That's right! This thing contains the commercials that were shot around the release of the game.
For those younger readers not in the know, VHS tapes were the go-to medium in the '90s for home versions of TV shows and movies.
I practically wore out my VCR watching VHS movies over and over. Those were the days...


Anyway, that's some of the Resident Evil swag I found hiding here at Capcom!
Dying to show off your RE collection? Share some of your photos on social media with the #REBHFun hashtag!

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