Registration Period : Dec 16 (Mon) 4PM - 20 (Fri) until 4PM PST (end as soon as capacity is reached)
Test Date : Dec 21 (Sat) 6PM to 10PM PST
Dec 22 (Sun) 6PM to 10PM PST
Tournament Format : Dec 21 (Sat) Single Elimination Format Single-match Tournament.
Dec 22 (Sun) Single Elimination Format Three-person Team Tournament
Reward for Participants : Fortune Ticket x 10
Special Title “eSports Player”

* Rewards are limited to those who participate in the beta test.
Capacity : 512 players (single) for Dec 21 (Sat)
64 teams for Dec 22 (Sun)
* Registration ends as soon as capacity is reached
Area : Limited to players from North American. We will be conducting beta tests in other regions in the near future.
Test details :
  • ・ You can participate on either PlayStation®4 or Steam.
  • ・ “Discord” is used for communication on the day, download Discord and obtain the user ID beforehand.
  • ・ Discord channel “”.
  • ・ The following information is required for registration.
    - “Fighter’s ID”
    - “Discord User ID”
    * Please refrain from changing user ID from the time of entry until the beta test is completed.
  • ・You won’t be able to join the Three-person team tournament on Dec 22nd unless you have three members registered and present online at the start time of yours.
  • * PlayStation®Plus (Paid) is required to participate in the (PS4) test.
  • * Your entry might fail if your Discord id includes emoji. Please check your ID before you register for a tournament.