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Winter 2023 Resident Evil Ambassador Online Meeting Wrap-up

Hello, everyone!
The Resident Evil Ambassador Online Meeting, where ambassadors gathered for discussions, took place last month. It was a very passionate and productive event!
We'd like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about what went down.
We're sure people who weren't able to attend would love to hear about what was discussed!

Caption: The slide shown on screen before the start of the online meeting. "Go Tell Aunt Rhody", the main theme of Resident Evil 7, was playing in the background. Maybe not the most calming of music choices...


The Resident Evil Ambassador Online Meeting

Let's start by talking about Resident Evil ambassadors.
Resident Evil ambassadors are fans from around the world who show their love for the Resident Evil series on X.
The Resident Evil Ambassador Program on the Resident Evil Portal was established to support those fans.
Ambassadors earn points by making posts with the #REBHFun hashtag, and those points can net them special rewards.
The Resident Evil Ambassador Program is open to any and all Resident Evil fans, so if you haven't joined yet and want to, do so via the following link!


Resident Evil Ambassador Program


The Resident Evil Ambassador Online Meeting we held recently was an event designed to foster discussions between fans about what they love about the series.
We felt it was the perfect opportunity for fans to share their thoughts and opinions, and to strengthen their bonds with the larger community.


Resident Evil Fans REveal Their Thoughts

There were a total of six discussion sessions, and people from both inside and outside of Japan participated.
Each session had about five people, allowing for intimate discussions about how they first came to know the Resident Evil series, what they loved about it, and what they hope to see from it in the future. The discussions were so passionate that people felt they didn't have enough time to talk about all they wanted!
We were so happy to see fans enjoying themselves and engaging others in such lively conversation!

Caption: The discussions were held on Zoom, where some showed off their Resident Evil collections in the background, and others dressed up as their favorite characters!


First Encounters with Resident Evil

After some brief self-introductions, the MC asked participants about their first experiences with Resident Evil.
The conversation took off from there, with some people stating they were hooked from the very first game in 1996, while others shared that they are more recent fans.
There were those who happened to play a Resident Evil game at their friend's house and got into the series that way. There were also others who played because of their parents, a movie they watched, or because a streamer they watch was playing. So many different ways Resident Evil entered the lives of fans!
Some people even played together with their friends because of how scary the games were. No shame in that!


What People Liked About Resident Evil

Fans were then asked what they liked about the Resident Evil series.
There were all sorts of answers to that, some of which included the more grounded, realistic setting, the last scene in Resident Evil Village, and how brave the characters are in the face of unspeakable horrors.
All of the answers we received really resonated with us. The Resident Evil games not only have great gameplay, but they also have amazing stories and characters, which keeps people coming back for more.
We lost track of time as we listened to discussions surrounding what happened to certain characters after the game ends, as well as what foreshadowed elements mean.


Future Expectations

The MC ended things by asking fans what they hope to see in the future of the Resident Evil series.
One answer to that question we heard was the return of certain characters from previous games.
This question generated very enthusiastic responses, which makes sense, since the discussions were filled with such passionate fans!
We heard a lot of ideas that really struck a chord with us. Hearing others' thoughts on something can really open your mind to new perspectives!


Become a Resident Evil Ambassador
for New Ways to Enjoy Resident Evil

Each of the discussion sessions of the Resident Evil Ambassador Online Meeting was a huge success in the end. Nothing beats talking with others about a shared interest!
If you weren't able to join us this time, we sure hope this wrap-up gave you a good taste of what the event was like.
We plan on holding more Resident Evil Ambassador Online Meeting events in the future, so stay tuned! And if you're not an ambassador yet, consider becoming one!
You're sure to find all new ways to enjoy the Resident Evil series!
Our staff members are always on the lookout for posts with the #REBHFun hashtag, so we'd love to see posts with your thoughts on this article!

Until next time!

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