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HUNK: The Fearless and Fearsome 4th Survivor

Hi, everyone!
It's time for another deep dive on a Resident Evil character! This time, we're covering the enigmatic and badass HUNK!
Of course long-time fans of Resident Evil know HUNK, but not everyone has, and even fans might be surprised to find out how deep his well goes.


His first appearance dates all the way back to 1998 in the original Resident Evil 2.
After completing the main story, a new game mode called "The 4th Survivor" is unlocked, where you take control of HUNK and follow his epic survival journey!

The Alpha Team of Umbrella's private special ops group, Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), storms NEST and attacks William Birkin to reclaim a sample of the G-Virus. A mutated Birkin retaliates and decimates all but HUNK, who fights his way to the roof of the Raccoon City Police Department and escapes via chopper.

For any other soldier it would be a death sentence, but this is HUNK we're talking about. As the lone survivor, he earns himself the nickname "Grim Reaper" from his comrades.

This is referenced directly in dialogue from the Resident Evil 2 remake's "The 4th Survivor" mode.


Just like in the original Resident Evil 2, HUNK's comrades are all taken out. With Raccoon City crawling with creatures, HUNK has to make his way to the extraction point where Nighthawk is waiting with the helicopter. When things seem dire, this back-and-forth takes place:

HUNK! Time's up!
Go, Nighthawk. Get out.
I'm not gonna just leave you—
This is war...survival's your responsibility.

Knowing Nighthawk was his only ticket out, HUNK still pushed for the pilot to save himself.
Really rams home how much of a seasoned pro HUNK is.
Although it seems like Nighthawk leaves, he's there at the end when HUNK makes it to the R.P.D. gates, telling him "I wanted to meet the Grim Reaper."

HUNK's famous line from Resident Evil 2. Spoken like a true pro.


Just writing about this is making me want to boot up Resident Evil 2 and play The 4th Survivor again!

It's a tough game mode, but no one said surviving was gonna be easy...


HUNK makes a violent return in the recently released Resident Evil 4 remake, specifically in the DLC game mode, "The Mercenaries".


HUNK in this game is a unique character that comes equipped with only the rapid-fire LE 5 submachine gun and hand grenades.
But the real fun of playing him is his neck-snapping Execution attack!
Once a Ganado is stunned, HUNK comes up and violently twists their neck, instantly finishing them off.

Ganado, meet the Grim Reaper!


Leaving hordes of dead Ganado in your wake as HUNK feels great and reminds you why he's called the Grim Reaper!

HUNK also shines in battle in the Raid Mode of Resident Evil: Revelations!

Raid Mode pits you against hordes of horrifying creatures.


Raid Mode throws all sorts of creatures at you as you try to complete each stage. You're rewarded for completing stages with certain ranks, making for an action-packed game mode that differs from the main story.
HUNK can be unlocked by meeting certain conditions in the mode. He's decked out with his trademark helmet and gas mask.


And he wouldn't be the Grim Reaper if he didn't have his signature Execution attack in Revelations as well!
In Revelations, HUNK had a knife-based melee attack. Still just as cool as his moves in RE4 if you ask me!

Hello! It's KNIFE to meet you!


And let's not forget about the mind-blowing surprise that was LADY HUNK!


LADY HUNK is exclusive to Raid Mode.
She has the same gas mask and tactical gear as her male counterpart, but also shows off her legs in her miniskirt. But don't let that distract you: she's a hardcore soldier who starts each battle with a badass "Let's do this!"
HUNK and LADY HUNK are shrouded in mystery. Who knows what's behind those masks...?

And that's all we've got on HUNK! Let us know what you think of the character with the #REBHFun hashtag!

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