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Resident Evil DIE-gest: Gory Game Overs

When playing Resident Evil games, you have to get used to dying. Seeing the game over screen multiple times is like a rite of passage.
When I first played Resident Evil 4, I died 56 times before I finally cleared the game! I'm sure we've all begrudgingly found ourselves staring at that dreaded game over screen at some point.
That's why for this article, I'd like to go over some of my most memorable death scenes in the series. If yours isn't listed here, be sure to share it with us!


First up is Resident Evil 4's infamous Water Hall in the castle.

Not only do you have to protect Ashley while she's operating a crank so you can progress, but you also have to contend with enemies approaching Leon.
If you focus too much on Ashley, the enemies near Leon will attack and kill him, but if you focus too much on them, Ashley will be whisked away and you'll get a game over.
Oh, and if that wasn't tough enough, if you accidentally shoot Ashley, that's also a game over. I do NOT envy Leon...

Shoot the bad guys, but not Ashley? Next you'll be asking me to juggle zombies...


Moving on, it's the fight against Jill and Wesker in Resident Evil 5.

It's a two-on-two fight, so not only are you up against two tough opponents, but Wesker will always dodge your attacks if you don't catch him off guard. Damn that wascally Wesker!
As for Jill, you absolutely cannot take her out. If you accidentally deal too much damage to her, she'll game over and so will you. I remember being shocked that disposing of a character trying to kill me resulted in me having to start again...

Jill may be Wesker's puppet, but she's still my partner! So...I should be more careful next time...


The third death that comes to mind is when fighting the Scagdead in the Promenade in Resident Evil: Revelations.

Despite all that blubber it's carrying, the Scagdead moves insanely fast, and if you get too close to it, in a flash it can turn you into minced meat with its insta-kill attack. To make matters worse, other enemies infinitely respawn until you take the Scagdead out. I got sawed in half when trying to deal with them from a distance, at which point I had to shut the game off. The way the Scagdead moans the phrase "Mayday!" will forever haunt my dreams...

Here's my death in all its gory glory. Seriously, how is this thing so fast? It's not fair...


Next up is the fight with G in his second form in Resident Evil 2: Remake.

The area you have to work within is pretty narrow, and although you can press the button to slam the container into G, it takes a while for the thing to swing around. I found that out the hard way when I pressed the button and ran around looking for the container to come around, only to find my answer as it swung right into my face. I had to die several times before I got the timing down. Sorry, Leon...

Here's the data on the container fight from Resident Evil.Net. As you can see, hitting yourself is pretty common!


Another brutal death you can get is when fighting Mia on Madhouse difficulty in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Near the beginning of the game, you have to fight her without many resources, and, well, she handed my butt to me. I thought Madhouse would be a breeze, but the multiple game overs told me otherwise. I guess we know who wears the pants in Ethan and Mia's relationship...

According to Resident Evil.Net, I'm not the only one who got rocked by Mia. All of us should raise a glass to that! Online, of course...


And finally, who can forget the Hunter γ (gamma) from Resident Evil 3: Remake? As if the large, slobbering maws of these things weren't a big enough hint, Hunter γ can insta-kill you by gulping you up. If you have the grenade launcher with fire rounds, you're golden, but try to use a handgun like a certain someone (me...) and you're lunch!
When fighting Hunter γ, I learned to avoid the smooch of death by being brave AND well-equipped!

I mustered enough courage to lure the thing in and torch him! Not pictured: all the deaths it finally took.


And that's all I've got for this DIE-gest!
All in all, I'd say over 100 doesn't even come close to the number of deaths I suffered across the entire series. But each death just made me stronger!
Feel free to share some of your favorite death scenes with the #REBHFun hashtag! It's nice to see you're not facing death alone!

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