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Dressed to Kill

I've been having a blast reading everyone's #REBHFun tweets recently! Many of you have shared some amazing cosplay photos.
And why wouldn't they be amazing? Not only are you guys talented cosplayers, but the Resident Evil games also have so many costumes to choose from!
So for this article, I'd like to go over the outfits worn by some of the series' leading ladies.
What they wear really says a lot about who they are.


Jill Valentine

First up is Raccoon City survivor and super cop extraordinaire, Jill Valentine!

From the left: Resident Evil, RE3, Revelations, RE5

These costumes all look designed for mobility, to allow Jill to kick zombie butt!
In Resident Evil, Jill dons the classic uniform worn by S.T.A.R.S., the R.P.D.'s special forces division.
However, in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, she dropped players' jaws with a blue tube top and miniskirt.
That's one hell of a way to dress for a zombie apocalypse!
In the more action-oriented Resident Evil 3: Remake, she ditches the skirt for a more practical pair of pants.

Jill can still bring the hurt in the skirt in RE3, though!


Ada Wong

Next up is the mysterious and seductive spy Ada Wong.
She's appeared in quite a few Resident Evil games, each time rocking the red.

From the left: RE2, RE4, RE6

Her sleek crimson outfits and short, neat hairstyle go together like Umbrella and shady dealings!
Whenever Ada saunters in to the scene, no matter what she's wearing,
it just has to be in that same eye-catching color!
Maybe she just has a thing for it...?
Actually, in Resident Evil 6 she's wearing blue... Red's her color, right?
I mean, that is her, isn't it...? Find out the reasons behind the mystery by playing Resident Evil 6!


Sherry Birkin

Now let's take a look at Sherry Birkin, who undergoes perhaps the biggest change of any character in the series.

From the left: RE2, RE6, RE6

Between RE2 (and its Remake) and RE6, Sherry goes from school girl (independent with a pedant) to ass-kicking agent (who likes to represent the president)!
When the Raccoon City incident occurs in Resident Evil 2, Sherry's still in school, so she's in her uniform.
You'd think she would've thrown that outfit out by the time we see her as a federal agent in RE6. However, she must've held on to it, because you can actually unlock it as a hidden costume!
(Check out the costume for yourself by playing the game!)


Claire Redfield

Similar to Sherry, Claire changes quite a bit as time goes on in the series.

From the left: RE2, Code Veronica, Revelations 2

Claire just wouldn't be Claire if she didn't have her iconic red biker jacket!
Like with Ada, red's kind of become Claire's color, but for very different reasons. I always thought the color suited her more energetic personality.
In Resident Evil 2, everyone's favorite biker is still in college, but after the Raccoon City incident, she's spurred to action and joins the NGO human rights agency TerraSave.
For more on that, check out the CG-animated movie Resident Evil: Degeneration!

They grow up so fast!


Jessica Sherawat

Finally, we've got Jessica Sherawat from Resident Evil Revelations!

Whether she's showing some leg in her wetsuit, or bundled up in her Russian-style winter wear, she leaves one hell of an impression! Her outfits definitely scream "I make fighting a B.O.W. look like W.O.W.!"
As we see in Revelations, though, there's more to her than meets the eye. I bet she fooled a lot of you guys, too, right?
Even though I know her secret, if I met her in real life she'd probably fool me again! Shame on me... Ha ha!
Check out her and her killer costumes in Resident Evil Revelations!

Want to find out what she's hiding? See for yourself in Resident Evil Revelations!


Pretty cool, right?
Costumes can say a lot about the characters who wear them.
What do you guys think of these outfits? Let us know on social media with the #REBHFun hashtag!
See you in the next UNDER THE UMBRELLA article!

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