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REvealing Connections!

The world of Resident Evil is filled with a colorful cast of characters, each with their own stories.
Of course, you can enjoy the stories by themselves, but what I love is that, by simply playing in different ways or playing special modes, you can learn more about how characters impact one another and contribute to the lore.
And it's this connectivity I'd like to cover in this article.
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Why didn't Kendo leave his shop?

In Resident Evil 3: Remake, Jill runs into Robert Kendo at the place once earned his bread and butter.
Jill suggests they both use the subway to skip town, but Robert tells her to go on without him, all the while staring at a door inside his shop.
So why wouldn't he go with Jill?
The answer to that question is crystal clear in Resident Evil 2: Remake.
Behind that door is Emma, Kendo's daughter, who's been infected with the T-Virus.

It's spread fast, and she's in the process of turning into a zombie...

Even though Kendo understands his daughter's fate all too well, he can't leave her.
His story hits you right in the gut; this man and his daughter got unlucky, all because of Umbrella...

This scene may only last a short while, but it clings to you long after it's over...


How did Marvin get bitten in his stomach?

Next, let's take a look at Marvin from Resident Evil 2: Remake.
This man deserves all the medals in the world for supporting Leon, Claire, and Chris, despite his horrific injury!
When we first meet him, he's already in bad shape, but the game doesn't tell us what happened to him...
Enter Resident Evil 3: Remake!

In that game, as Raccoon City is in the throes of the hell unleashed by Umbrella, Marvin is approached by his zombified colleague Brad in front of the R.P.D.
He aims his gun at his undead acquaintance... But Brad mutters "I'm sorry...", expending his last shred of humanity.
Marvin wavers, only for zombie Brad to lunge at him and take a bite out of his abdomen. Somehow Marvin manages to escape into the police station.

When I first watched the scene, I remember screaming, "Marvin, just shoot him!"

I always wondered how he got bitten... Never expected that to be the reason...


How did Ada help Leon complete his mission?

And last but not least, we've got good ol' Leon in Resident Evil 4.
In this game, Leon's no rookie cop: he's now a U.S. government agent.
Just to prove how badass he's become, he's been tasked with single-handedly rescuing the president's daughter! And, man, does he pull it off in style!
Of course, Leon's survival skills help him complete his mission, but he also gets a little help from behind the scenes from everyone's favorite femme fatale, Ada! (Well, I say "help," but a lot of the time she's just serving her own interests...)
In the special mode "Separate Ways", which you unlock by beating the game, players got to see how Ada influenced Resident Evil 4's story.

Shortly after Leon's mission brings him to a village, he finds himself surrounded by its deranged occupants...
But suddenly the church bell rings out, drawing the villagers to it like moths to a flame. Leon's left wondering what happened.

"Where's everyone going? Bingo?" Nope! Not bingo!

As it turns out, the bell was a way of distracting the villagers, who have been manipulated into attacking intruders!
And who rang the bell? Ada, of course! And how did she know to do that? Wesker! *gasp* Who's playing who here?! It was a mind-blowing revelation.

Wesker! A malicious mastermind whose heart pumps pure evil.

The trusty shotgun is a life-saver: the go-to weapon for dealing with hordes. Ada comes across the shotgun first in the story, but knowing the situation Leon's in, leaves it there. The fact she did that, when no one would blame her for taking it, really impressed me. And if it wasn't for that act of selflessness, I'm not sure Len would've been able to complete his first mission!


So, those are some of the major connections I noticed in the Resident Evil series. What did you guys think?
The stuff I mentioned here is pretty well-known. Can you think of any other connections? Let us know on social media with the #REBHFun hashtag!
See you in the next UNDER THE UMBRELLA article!

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