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Resident Evil in Real Life

Have you ever come across a scene or encounter in daily life and thought it looked like something straight out of Resident Evil?

This happens to me all the time. Of course, in addition to working with Resident Evil, I'm also a HUGE fan of the series - so it's never that far from my mind to begin with.

Regardless, for this UNDER THE UMBRELLA, I'd like to share some of the more striking episodes of "Real Life Resident Evil" here. Does this ever happen to you? Tell us about yours on #REBHFun!



Just a normal building in a park you say? I thought so too, until I saw this sinister-looking camera perched on the roof. Just like the ones in Resident Evil Resistance!

My first inclination was to destroy it to help the other survivors. In the end, I decided on a stealth approach instead, and kept to blind spots until I got away. Not today, Mastermind!



This statue is actually on my commute. The look, the pose, everything about it screams Resident Evil. I took a picture long before even thinking about this article. (You might have even seen it posted before on #REBHFun)

I just know there's a key item up in its right hand!


* Twitter no longer supports Internet Explorer.

This one isn't mine, but from a Twitter user in Romania. Perhaps the most RE elevator around. This elevator would be right at home in the RPD or Spencer Mansion! It feels like a Tyrant could grab the door at any moment!
Just add a friend dressed as a zombie, and you've got a live-action Resident Evil!

Special thanks to @romania_no_hito for the tweet!



I found a green herb! This was just sitting at a local supermarket, I can't believe another person hadn't already grabbed it to heal up.


An in-game Green herb. REALLY resemble!

I would have taken it myself, but my inventory (shopping bag) was already full. I'll have to go home and rearrange my item box (refrigerator) and come back for it later.

You know, looking at it in real life like this, I wonder how Jill and Chris used single herbs. Did they just chow down on it raw?



Maybe they ate it like this! That's right, "Curry of the Biohazard, Green Herb Recovery Curry."
The Over-the-Shoulder Zombie is watching you! (If you think "Who is the Over-the-Shoulder Zombie?", please check this article!)

Of course, this wasn't a chance encounter. I searched it out specifically. But it never hurts to have recovery items in case of a zombie attack! It even says "Have the BIOHAZARD Green Herb Curry and survive." on the package!

This is available at the CAPCOM Japan store, and is a surprisingly good curry!

So what do you think? Is it just me, or do you see a little RE in these encounters too? Have you ever had an experience like this? Please share your opinion (and pictures!) of everyday Resident Evil around you! #REBHFun

  • 592


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