[Ended] Bigger than usual: Invasion of the Huge Creatures No. 7

October brings with it another gigantic creature that needs to be stopped!

This time we're dealing with the Executioner Majini, and while he might not be able to swing his axe hammer like the madman he is, he still looks like a pretty formidable opponent!

He's still covered in spikes too, those must really hurt...



>>See the event page for more info



Invasion of the Huge Creatures No.7












Event runs from 2015/10/1 @ 15:00 ~ 10/31 @ 15:00 (JST)  (This event will end if all creatures are defeated.) ================================================





As for the rewards, if you manage to deal at least 30,000,000 in damage you can look forward to a TAP194 Short Range+ (Lv100, Slot 6), which I'm sure you'll find useful in Raid mode.


See you on the beach!





This event ends when the creature is defeated! Remember to deal your damage before then!


(You can play this event by accessing the “Event Missions” menu from the red door inside the Vestibule.)

(This post is for Resident Evil Revelations 2.)


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