[Once a day] Aim for the full completion! Ambassador Card Campaign is ongoing!

[Once a day] Aim for the full completion! Ambassador Card Campaign

During the campaing period, you can enter a drawing one a day to win special digital card (4 in total) at Resident Evil Portal!

And no matter what your results are, you can have a chance to get a Super Rare Card which is another special card different from the regular drawing by your tweet!

If campaign tweets posted by the official Resident Evil twitter account (@REBHPortal) are retweeted a total of 1,000 times (both Japanese AND English posts), we'll award a super-rare card to all ambassadors who tweeted their results!

▼Campaign tweets

Participate in the drawing every day, tweet about your results, and aim for a full completion!

[Campaign Period] 2023/5/16 ~ 2023/5/29 20:00 (PDT)

You can view cards you've won from CARD COLLECTION on the portal site.
(After logging in, tap the icon in the upper right and select CARD COLLECTION from the menu.)

【1日1回】目指せフルコンプ! アンバサダーカード抽選キャンペーン

  • In order to participate in this campaign, registration for Resident Evil Ambassador Program is required.
  • Retweeting results tweets will NOT make you eligible for Double Chance.
  • If campaign tweets are retweeted fewer than 1,000 times total (both Japanese and English posts), a present will be given out to a certain number of supporters at random when the results are tweeted.

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