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Announcements for users who used the previous services (Resident and Resident Evil Ambassador Program) before February 1, 2021

About Site Integration and Authentication System Change

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Resident Evil Portal

Resident Evil Portal

This site integrates all content that was available on official Resident Evil sites, like BIOHAZARD CLUB 96, Resident Evil Ambassador Program, Resident Evil.Net, and Resident Evil Portal.

  • Old Authentication system
  • New Authentication system

Resident Evil Portal, which integrated Resident Evil related sites, has switched from the old CAPCOM Account authentication system used for Resident Evil.Net and the Resident Evil Ambassador Program to the new CAPCOM ID authentication system. The transition period from the old authentication system "CAPCOM Account" had been set, but this period ended on February 6, 2022.

How Each Service is Affected

  • The information of those who have not completed the transition process from the old RESIDENT EVIL.NET has been deleted. The information to be deleted is as follows.

    - Information related to online events, rankings, and weekly challenges
    - RE points, web items, game items, and other user information on Resident Evil.Net Gameplay information/statistics for each title stored on Resident Evil.Net will not be deleted. Should you create a CAPCOM ID and make Account link again, you will be able to view the information you played in the past.
  • If you did not transfer your account information during the transition period, your ambassador ID, as well as any ambassador points, ranks, cards, clear stamps, etc. tied to that ID will be deleted. Once deleted, data cannot be restored.
  • With the integration to Resident Evil Portal in February 2021, services are other than the newsletter "CLUB96 Report" had been terminated. Along with the completion of the migration process, the distribution of the newsletter "CLUB96 Report" was also terminated. All registered account information will be deleted and you will not be able to restore it.

If you are not sure regarding the site integration and change authentication system in this notification, please contact us using the following link.

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Those who use Safari
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