What is a Resident Evil Ambassador?

Fans who enjoying sharing the latest Resident Evil information on their Twitter are encouraged to register as a Resident Evil Ambassador.

Registrants can look forward to special information regarding the series, events and campaigns.

POINTGet Points

Get points through various activities!

Post on Twitter with "#REBHFun"
  • * This applies to Twitter account registered on the Resident Evil Ambassador registration form and My Page.
  • * You can earn up to 5 points per day.
  • * Retweets of posts with "#REBHFun" will still be eligible for point conversion.
  • * Replies are not eligible for point addition.

You can earn points even by answering questionnaires and participating in various events!

  • * Points will be reflected within a few days after your tweet.
  • * Points and ranks may be invalidated if it is determined that you have used mechanical postings that utilize a large number of social media accounts.


Get points to improve your rank! 

Your card design will be upgraded as your rank increases!

Rang Required points and conditions
Bronze Bronze
Silver Silver
5 normal tweet posts with "#REBHFun"
Tweets are not set to private
Gold Gold
Silver Silver + 200pt
Platinum Platinum
Gold Gold + 200pt
An invitation to those who meet conditions
  • * If you unfollow the brand official account after rank advancement, you will be downgraded to the Bronze rank.
  • * You will be demoted to Bronze rank if you set your tweets to private after increasing your rank.

Point Accumulation and Status Change Period 

Your rank will change based on
how many points you have accumulated during the point aggregation period.

BENEFITSBenefits are upgraded as your points increase!

Benefits are upgraded as your rank increases!

  • Advance playtest invitations.
  • Invitation to Ambassador Discussions
  • Priority test play at a game show
  • Participation in various events and campaigns
  • * These benefits are currently being planned. We cannot guarantee their schedule or location at this time.
  • * Even those who are not registered with the Ambassador program may be recruited for game show priority testing, various events, and campaigns.

Invite your friends to the Resident Evil Ambassador program!

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