By pressing “I Agree”, you hereby agree that Capcom U.S.A., Inc. (“Capcom”) shall be permitted to access and collect information from both you and your PlayStation™ Network account, as applicable, in order to provide you with certain features and services in connection with your use and enjoyment of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Specifically, you agree that Capcom may access and obtain the following information from the PlayStation™ Network:

• Your Online ID, as applicable, which you created when you initially set up your Sony Entertainment Network account;
• Information regarding your PlayStation™ Network purchases and entitlements related to Street Fighter V content, including DLC identifiers, quantities, and dates (e.g., for items with limited time availability);
• Information regarding your in-game achievements (e.g., Trophies); and
• Your geographic information.

Further, you agree that Capcom may collect and use the following information directly from you:

• Your Fighter ID;
• Your IP address; and
• Information regarding your in-game activities, such as game telemetry data and progression information.

Capcom will use the collected information in accordance with its Privacy Policy (viewable via the link below), but specifically as follows:

• To provide the Street Fighter V services and online services through the Capcom Fighters Network (“CFN”), including the associated CFN web portal (located here), which provides a social platform where you can view your progress within the game, your personal statistics, as well as the progress and statistics of your CFN friends and other players; and
• To otherwise improve, promote and protect the Street Fighter V and the CFN services.

All information collected by Capcom will be stored on Capcom’s servers located within the United States. This information collected by Capcom will only be shared with its affiliates, partners, and contracted companies that help Capcom provide the Street Fighter V and CFN services, in accordance with Capcom’s Privacy Policy. Please review Capcom’s Privacy Policy for all other ways in which Capcom may collect and use your data, and to learn more about your data privacy rights.

You acknowledge and agree that your consent to allow Capcom to collect and use your information is a free choice, and you are under no obligation to permit Capcom to access and obtain your information. Furthermore, please note that you may withdraw your consent at any time by emailing us at privacy@capcom.com.

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