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eSports has taken the world by storm, and it's STREET FIGHTER V dominating the fighting game scene. Compete in intense network battles, watch other players face off, or just enjoy the game's story. The more people play, the more fun the game gets, so what are you waiting for?
How do you want to play?

I just want to fight, fight, fight!

First, find a character you like.

STREET FIGHTER V has more than 30 fighters, combining several old favorites with brand new ones! If you've played the game before, you'll find series stalwarts Ryu, Sagat, Guile, among other classic characters. Play Ranked Matches and work your way up the global rankings!
Give me interesting characters and story!
Take control of individual characters in Story Mode, and learn about their motivations and relationships with other characters. It's the perfect opportunity to learn more about your character of choice. Download the story DLC to delve even deeper into the world of STREET FIGHTER V.

(Please note that you need the full version of the game to play DLC.)
Show me amazing battles!
More of a spectator than a fighter? Then get your kicks watching awesome matches! See top international players participate in insane battles via the CAPCOM FIGHTERS NETWORK (CFN)! You can also check out bouts featuring characters you use!
The good times just keep coming!
Obtain Fight Money (FM) and use it to unlock new stages, alternate costumes, and more. STREET FIGHTER V has a host of exciting content to offer.
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