UPDATE[Special Announcement]"Resident Evil Ambassador Program" Rule Changes for FY2024

Thank you, Resident Evil ambassadors, for your continued support of the Resident Evil series!
We want to let you all know about some upcoming changes to the Ambassador Program rules for 2024.

1) Ambassador points and ranks will be reset every year on March 31st.
(This will be reflected after the maintenance of the "Resident Evil Portal" on April 1.)

Total acquired points and ranks for 2023 will end on March 31, 2024 and then be reset.
The new season for the 2024 year will begin on April 1, 2024, at which point all ambassadors will be made Bronze rank.


2) Conditions needed for increasing your rank will change.

The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to foster discussions about and show love for the Resident Evil series.
With that in mind, we hope to see ambassadors share their personal thoughts on the series by making a lot of posts.

To ensure as many posts are shared as possible, in addition to total earned points, number of normal posts made will be added as a condition for increasing your rank.

Points will be earned for all posts with #REBHFun (excluding replies), with a daily maximum of five points.
Note that replies, reposts, and quote posts do not count as normal posts.

To better balance the ranking system, we've lowered the number of points needed to reach the Gold rank.
Try to reach Gold rank on your way to Platinum and share with others in your own words what makes Resident Evil so special!


* You can earn up to 5 points per day.
* You will be demoted to Bronze rank if you set your Posts to private after increasing your rank.
* Platinum rank invitation criteria are not disclosed.

3) New ambassador cards have been added.

Some cards that have had different designs for each rank can now be selected individually.
We've got more cards planned for the future, so stay tuned!


That's all for now!

We've got all sorts of things planned for our ambassadors that we hope you'll love,so expect great things in the future!
We look forward to seeing more ambassador posts that show love for the Resident Evil series!

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