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Ada Wong: Elusive Femme Fatale

Hi, everyone!
Are you excited for the Resident Evil 4 DLC "Separate Ways"? Today I'll be sharing some info on our leading lady, Ada Wong.
Part of her charm is not knowing where her loyalties lie—is she friend, or foe? This mystique is just one aspect of her character I'll be touching on in this article.

Ada from Resident Evil 2, wearing one of her many red dresses.


As you might know, Ada is in many different titles in the series, but did you know that she appears by name in the very first Resident Evil game?
Dr. John Clemens, a researcher for the Umbrella Corporation, addresses a letter to his love, Ada, who attempts to use her relationship with him to infiltrate the lab and steal data on the t-virus. Due to the unexpected outbreak of the virus, however, her plans are ultimately foiled.
Like a true spy, Ada manages to sneak her way into the story of Resident Evil without making an appearance onscreen!

A letter from a researcher, addressed to Ada. Part of a puzzle in Resident Evil HD Remaster.


One story that's really stuck with me involves Ada in Resident Evil 2.
There, she poses as an FBI agent to get close to Leon, when in reality she is an industrial spy who wants to steal the G-virus!

Ada squaring off against Leon in Resident Evil 2. That scene was intense!


Pressed by Leon to tell the truth, Ada complies and demands he hand over the virus sample. This tense scene changes their relationship entirely. Guns pointed at one another, they stand at an impasse...until Annette, who helped develop the G-virus, shoots Ada! Ada and the sample plummet into the murky depths... I still remember how Leon reaches out for Ada and tries to save her.

Ada in Resident Evil 2, shot by Annette.

Ada falling into the depths with the G-virus in Resident Evil 2.


In Resident Evil 6, Ada engages in acts of apparent bio-terrorism, turning Chris Redfield's subordinates into creatures.
I couldn't believe it! Was Ada now the enemy?!

Resident Evil 6 Ada! Why would you turn everyone into creatures?!


I won't spoil the ending for those who haven't played it, but rest assured that Ada's odd behavior is explained!
I find the mysteries surrounding her to be so intriguing. They're one of the many aspects of her character that draw me to her.

Ada leaving destruction in her wake in Resident Evil 6. What exactly is she after...?


Ada also makes an appearance in Resident Evil 4, as an agent under Wesker, of all things!
Under Wesker's command, she infiltrates Los Illuminados with Jack Krauser in order to bring back a dominant plaga sample. Though she has some help from Luis Sera, Ada's skills are put to the test during this mission.

Ada on a mission to obtain a dominant plaga sample in Resident Evil 4.


Ada talking to Luis and Krauser in Resident Evil 4.


Later, she stumbles upon Leon, who is working to rescue Ashley Graham for the US government. Though she decides to aid him from the shadows, Wesker eventually orders his assassination.

Ada is forced to make a decision. Will she remain an obedient spy or disobey orders?
Ultimately, she chooses to help Leon.
In this scene, we're given a small peek behind the veil of mystery that surrounds Ada, who is normally one of the least forthcoming about her intentions.
With Ada's assistance, Leon is able to leave the island with Ashley in tow. Ada is likewise successful in obtaining a sample of a dominant plaga.

The events above occur during the extra story content in the original Resident Evil 4 and will also be included in the DLC "Separate Ways" for the remake.

From the looks of the trailer, it seems we'll get to see some nostalgic scenes as well!
Where will the story take Ada in the Resident Evil 4 remake? We'll all have to play through and find out!

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This concludes today's deep dive into Ada's mysterious past.
Cloaked in secrecy, Ada often makes it difficult to pinpoint whether she is friend or foe—but perhaps that is what makes her so alluring.
I'd love to hear what you think, too! Use #REBHFun to share your thoughts on Ada!

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