The Background Selection feature is now available!

Thank you for using Resident Evil Portal.

A background selection feature has been added to the Resident Evil Portal.

This feature allows you to change the background of the portal homepage, a returning feature that was well-received during the 25th anniversary celebration.
The BACKGROUND SELECT button has been added to the upper right corner of the homepage. Click it to select a background image.


We plan on adding more selectable backgrounds from time to time. Customize your page with your favorite!

To use this feature, you must:
- Be registered to Resident Evil Portal
- Be silver rank or higher in the Resident Evil Ambassador Program
If you're not already registered to Resident Evil Portal and/or the Resident Evil Ambassador Program, now's the time to join!

See here for more on the Resident Evil Ambassador Program.

Thank you for your continued support of the Resident Evil Portal.

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