Resident Evil 0 Developer Diary 1 now available for everyone!

We have another update on the Resident Evil 0 In-Game T-Shirt Contest for you today!


>>View Developer Diary 1



Developer Diary 1, which was previously only available to contest participants, is now available for everyone to watch!


Inside the diary you'll find plenty of behind-the-scenes development info and trivia on RE0.






And for everyone who has been taking part in the contest, Developer Diary 2 is now available! Please check your inbox for the link.



Check out producer "Keith" Takenaka and director Oda as they talk about the progress of RE0 from one of Capcom's creepy storage rooms, and don't miss Rebecca and her beret from the RE0 prototype!


All this and more in Developer Diary 2!







(This article is about Resident Evil 0)


>>Resident Evil 0 In-Game T-Shirt Contest


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