(Ended) Merry Christmas! Resident Evil Revelations holiday present campaign part 2

It’s Christmas Day! We hope you’re enjoying yourselves wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, and if you have the chance to play Revelations between meals and presents then we’re sure you’ll appreciate the following gifts as well!


Rare weapon:




Unwieldy but with a certain charm: Highroller II (Lv31, Slot 5)

Although it has the dubious honor of the assault rifle with the highest kickback, it also has the most power. Unlock with [silent]









Rare parts




Deep pockets: Bottomless Pouch III

Running out of decoys? Just wait in the corner somewhere! Unlock with [holy].










A rifle’s best friend! Outrange III

Stand back and keep the initiative, unlock with [night].









How to unlock:


1. Click on "Enter Present Code" on the side menu













2. Enter each Present Code


Items unlocked on Resident Evil.Net must be sent to the game in order to use them, so remember to use the Transfer Items button on the side menu after you've entered the codes.


Codes are valid through 2015/1/5 @ 16:00 (JST)


(The codes above are for Resident Evil Revelations.)

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