(Ended) Resident Evil Revelations holiday present campaign!

With the festive season well on its way, we’d like to take this opportunity to give a couple of gifts to all of our users for Resident Evil Revelations!


Rare weapons




A light in the dark: Revelator (Lv46, Slot 3)

A well-balanced handgun, unlock using the name of the RE6 extra content mode required for the “Proud Survivor” online event (upper or lowercase).










None can escape its fangs: Lindwurm (Lv10, Slot 6)

Shell for shell the most powerful shotgun, unlock with [winter].









Rare part




Ghost ship passengers don’t board without it: Ammo magnet VI

Better than a lost & found! Unlock with [vacation].









How to unlock:


1. Click on "Enter Present Code" on the side menu












2. Enter each Present Code


Items unlocked on Resident Evil.Net must be sent to the game in order to use them, so remember to use the Transfer Items button on the side menu after you've entered the codes.


Codes are valid through 2014/12/23 @ 16:00 (JST)


(The codes above are for Resident Evil Revelations.)

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Those who use Safari
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