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Share your tales with other survivors on Resident Evil Recollections!

It’s a good time to be a Resident Evil fan with the announcements of both the Resident Evil remaster and Revelations 2, and today Resident Evil.Net is also happy to announce a brand new feature called Resident Evil Recollections!


>>Click here for the Resident Evil Recollections site


As the title implies, Recollections is a community centered around the sharing of memories and discussions on the world of Resident Evil, and is split into two major sections: the Chronology, and Articles written by the admin team and users themselves.



              A complete timeline of the Resident Evil series’ history, the Chronology provides an easy way to check back on individual events or learn more about the series lore.





















              The admin team will post a number of  “official articles” at regular intervals, which can be commented on and shared with other friends. Users will also be able to create their very own articles and make their voice heard as “survivors“ of the RE series.















Head over now and have a look at what’s already available, and don’t forget we’ll be regularly updating the site with new material!

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