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April 23, 2019 Resolved.

We have confirmed the existence of a bug where, if while V-Trigger I Renkiko is active, Chun-Li performs Rankyaku, then at a specific timing performs Souseikyaku immediately after successfully inputting Airborne Hyakuretsukyaku, Chun-Li will continue to float upwards and off-screen.

We are planning to fix this bug this month. Please wait for further info regarding this issue.

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The admin and dev teams are investigating the issue.


The dev team are fixing the issue. Once fixed, the issue will be changed to Resolved.


The issue has been fixed and is now closed.

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The issue is not a defect and has been closed.

(Issues may not always be publicly reported before they are fixed if it is determined that they could present a threat to the game balance through malicious use, or cause confusion.)