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Basic Battle Controls

Basic Controls During Battle

* All commands assume your character is facing right.
Commands should be reversed when your character is facing left.

Normal Attacks

Press the punch or kick buttons to perform a normal attack.
The precise attack varies depending your character's position and the button pressed.

Special Moves

Pressing the directional and attack buttons in specific combinations will perform special moves.
Special moves will take off a small amount of damage even when blocked.
By performing a special move during certain normal attacks, you can cancel the normal attack and move swiftly into doing a special move.

EX Special Moves

These are special moves that are more powerful or have a stronger effect than normal.
You can perform an EX Special Move by pressing a punch or kick button (depending on the move) at the same time as you input a special move command.
This will use one stock of your character's Critical Gauge.


You can block an opponent's attacks by pressing the directional button away from them.
There are two types of guard: standing and crouching. Each can be used to block different types of attacks, so you'll need to learn which type of guard is best for each situation.
You cannot guard while in mid-air.


Pressing the medium punch and medium kick buttons simultaneously will trigger a special action with a unique effect specific to that character.



When your V-Gauge is at MAX, press the hard punch and hard kick buttons simultaneously to trigger a special action specific to that character, consuming the entire V-Gauge. With effects like temporary power ups and teleportation, the V-Trigger can turn the tide of battle and give you the upper hand.



When guarding, press all kick or punch buttons at the same time while simultaneously pressing the directional button towards your opponent to consume one V-Gauge stock and perform a counter-move.

* Whether you need to press punch or kick button depends on your character.


Throws and Throw Escapes

When standing close to you opponent, you can perform a throw by pressing the light punch and light kick buttons simultaneously.
If your opponent tries to throw you, you can execute a throw escape by pressing the light punch and light kick buttons together at just the right moment.



When an opponent knocks you down with an attack, you can perform a quick recovery by either pressing a directional button, or pressing two or more punch or two or more kick buttons simultaneously at just the right moment.