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Starting the Game

Main Menu

The first time you load the game, you will be taken to the Tutorial after leaving the Title Screen.


Character Select

You can choose a character and change their appearance from the Character Select Screen.



Choose an outfit from those available to you.


Change the colour of a character's outfit.


Select the message that will display when you win a match.

The Game Screen


1. Health Gauge

Displays your remaining health.

2. Stun Gauge

This gauge increases when you take damage, but will deplete over time. You will be stunned when it reaches MAX.

3. Win Markers

Displayed after you win a round. The icon shown depends on the exact method of your victory.

4. Time Counter

Displays the remaining battle time.

5. Your Character

The character you are currently using.

6. V-Gauge

This gauge increases when you take damage or land V-Skills. You can use it to perform V-Triggers or V-Reversals. The maximum number of stocks varies depending on the character. Any unused stocks will not carry over to the next round.

7. V-Mark

The number displayed over the V-Mark indicates whether you are using V-Trigger I or V-Trigger II for your character.
You can change which V-Trigger to use when selecting your character.

8. Critical Gauge

This gauge increases as you land moves. When the Critical Gauge is at MAX, you can perform Critical Arts. Unlike the V-Gauge, unused stocks are carried over to the next round.