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Options Screen

Press the START button at the Online Menu or in a match lobby to open the Options Menu.

Press the START button to open the In-Game Menu during a match and select options.

You can customize controls, key configurations, PC graphics settings, and video and sound settings from the Options Menu.

PC Settings

Use the following settings to optimize your PC's performance. Reducing the resolution and turning processes off can help to reduce the processing load.

Screen Resolution

Select the best resolution in accordance to your PC's specs.

Screen Mode

Select either Fullscreen Mode or Windowed Mode.


Select the number of frames per second the game will run at. 60 FPS requires the most processing power.

Shadow Quality

Adjust the graphic quality of the shadow textures.

Tone Mapping

Adjust the graphic quality of the tone mapping textures.


Adjust the accuracy of ambient occlusion, or turn it off.

RT Reflection

Adjust the graphic quality of real-time object reflections, or turn them off.


Adjust or turn off the bloom effect.

Motion Blur

Turn on/off motion blur.