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Action Guide

There are many special actions that can only be performed in certain situations. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform them.


With the camera pointed at an object marked as cover, press to take cover. You will automatically take cover even if there is some distance between you and the object. There is both vertical and horizontal cover; you can vault over horizontal cover objects by pressing .

Horizontal Cover

Cover from which you can peak around the side. You can also change your vertical stance by pushing up/down on the left stick.

Vertical Cover

Cover which you can duck behind. Depending on your position, you may be able to move left and right, and you can push ↑ on the left stick + to vault over.

Jumping Over Obstacles

You can jump over vertical cover obstacles. Switch to your melee weapon, or simply come into contact with the obstacle while sprinting.

Low obstacles that cannot be used as cover can be jumped over too.

Climbing Walls

You can climb certain walls to reach upper levels. Press near a wall or come into contact with it to start climbing.


Press near a ladder or come into contact with it to start climbing up. Push up/down on the left stick to climb up/down. You can fire your weapon from the top of a ladder.

Destroying Barricades

Press the R3 button near a barricaded window to break the barricade. You can then pass through the window.


Approach a door and press the to use the door. Push ↑/↓ on the left stick to control how much you open/close the door. Press the R3 button to kick it open, or to slam it shut. Press near an open door to close it.


Approach a shutter and press to use the shutter. Push up/down on the left stick to control how much you open/close the shutter. Press near an open shutter to close it.

Picking Up Items

You will pick up items automatically when you pass over them. Weapons and Zombie Jammers can be picked up by holding down .