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Mission objectives change between rounds. This game mode features respawns, so it's good for casual players.

■Match Type

Team Battle

■Number of Players

Max. 6 (3 per team)


3 minutes*

■Round Victory Condition

The team that completes the mission first will be awarded the round. If both teams fail to complete the mission a victor will be chosen based on score. If both scores are equal the round will end in a draw.

■Match Victory Condition

The first team to 3.0 points.




Teams will be awarded 1 point for a victory and 0.5 points for a draw.

*Settings can be changed in Friend Match.

Game Modes


Find and obtain the briefcase. The team that is able to hold on to it for 60 seconds wins.


There are 5 briefcases (①) in the stage. The team that collects all the briefcases wins.

DNA Hunter

Kill the creatures (①) and collect their DNA samples. The first team to collect 60 samples wins.

SP DNA Hunter

Kill the special mutated creatures (①) and collect their DNA samples. The first team to collect 3 samples wins.

Collar War

Collect the collars (①) from enemy players who have been killed. The first team to collect 15 collars wins. You can pick up the collars of fallen allies to prevent the enemy team from getting points.


Secure the specified location (①). The first team to secure the location for 50 seconds wins. You must stay within the specified area (②) to secure it.

Respawn Match

Kill the enemy players (①). The first team to 15 kills wins.

Target Hunter

One target (①) is chosen per team. The first team to kill the enemy target 5 times wins. A new target is selected after the current one has been killed.