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One-Life Match

Two teams battle it out over multiple rounds.
Tensions will run high as no respawns make every encounter a life or death struggle.

■Match Type

Team Battle

■Number of Players

Max. 6 (3 per team)


3 minutes*

■Round Victory Condition

Eliminate the enemy team (if both teams are still alive after time expires, the round will end in a draw).

■Match Victory Condition

The first team to 3.0 points*




Teams will be awarded 1 point for a victory and 0.5 points for a draw.

*Settings can be changed in Friend Match.

Sudden Death

When 1 minute is left in the round, you will be able to see enemy player outlines through the walls.

Top-down View

Players who have been killed can watch the battle from a top-down camera. Use the zoom feature to focus on certain spots, or follow a specified player.