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Viewing the Game Screen

① Reticule

Also displays your remaining ammo.

② Status I.C.O.N.

Displays your allies' location and status.

③ Player

④ Enemy Player

⑤ Damage Meter

Indicates the direction you are taking damage from. Damage taken from creatures is green, while damage taken from enemy players is red.

⑥ Game Mode

Displays the current game mode as well as the status of the match.

⑦ Sound Radar

Displays the location of sounds, such as gunshots and footsteps. The current round score is displayed in the lower corners.

⑧ Weapon Display

Displays your main and sub-weapon type and remaining ammo. The status of your Zombie Jammer is also displayed here.

Auto Save

This game features autosave. Do not turn off the PC while the icon on the left is displayed.

Zombie Jammer

The gameplay screen will appear cracked if the Zombie Jammer has been destroyed.


The screen will be marked with blood after you take damage. The bloodier the screen is, the closer you are to death. If you can avoid taking damage you will automatically recover.