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4 Survivors

4 players will battle it out in the darkness over survival points. Finding ways to survive will be the key to victory.

■Match Type

Individual Battle

■Number of Players

4 Players


10 minutes*

■Victory Condition

The player with the most survival points at the end of the match will be the winner.



*Settings can be changed in Free Match and Friend Match.

Survival Points

Survival points are accumulated as the player stays alive. Upon death the player will drop their collar, which recorded their survival points until the time of death. Another player can then collect these survival points by picking up the collar (hold ).

4 Survivors Gameplay


Vitality will not automatically recover. You'll need to pick up herbs that are scattered around the stage in order to recover your health.

■No Zombie Jammer

Creatures will attack upon noticing the player. There is a prototype Zombie Jammer that can be picked up, however it only works for a limited amount of time.


Only your sub-weapon (handgun) will be available. The Tactical Shield and Brainer are both unavailable. You'll be armed with a short knife for close-range combat.


The light will turn on as you use analog zoom (press ), with the brightness corresponding to the level of zoom. Zooming in will not only increase your shot accuracy, but also illuminate the area in front of you.


Powerful weapons, herbs, the prototype Zombie Jammer, and ink ribbons can be found at various locations throughout the stage.


Valuable supplies will be dropped after a minute elapses in the match. The location of the supplies will be displayed on-screen.

■Ink Ribbon

An ink ribbon is one of the supplies you can find within the stage. Approach the typewriter with an ink ribbon in your possession and press to save your survival points. You will not lose saved survival points even if you are killed, giving you a definite advantage in the fight. The location of the typewriter will be displayed on-screen.