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Melee Attacks

Melee Attack

R3 button


R3 button while the camera is facing down

Melee Weapon (Equip Brainer)

Lock-on attack:
Charge Heated Brainer: hold


Two lock-on attacks clash

(Online modes only)


R3 against a lock-on attack

Lock-on attacks from a Heated Brainer can't be countered.

(Online modes only)

Zombie Shield

while near a zombie when using your melee weapon or sub-weapon.
Note: If you use a zombie dog as a shield, you will not be able to move. Majini and Ganados cannot be used as zombie shields.

While Using Zombie Shield


Left stick

Release (Push Away)

R3 button

Release (Kill)

Aim Weapon

button while sub-weapon equipped


while aiming with sub-weapon